8chan owner ask to come before the US Congress

Photo Credit: YouTube/ Watkins Xerxes

The company 8chan has been thrown into aversion state as the owner of the company has been made to testify before the US Congress and the site has been rendered homeless. 8chan  was linked to the weekend mass shooting which is why the testification has been asked for and the shooting was done in El Paso Texas.

The energy what else has been called by the House of Representatives Homeland Security committee so that they can testify about the efforts that they have done. This is mostly because the effort has been qualified as extreme content and it shows white Supremacy. The Democratic chairman Benny Thompson and Mike roses put forward a letter to the owner asking him to testify before the committee saying that the El Paso shooting has been a massacre. The entire website was offline on Tuesday and according to a statement provided by chief executive Rob Monster of Epik, he said that the site has been inadequately and forced and the content has been too violent.

After the shooting has been done by us cybersecurity it took out their services from the website and therefore shook the infrastructural power. Even the founder of this website said that he wants the site to be closed down and if he could go back in time he would rather not make the website.

Even though this website is a large community of 1 million people they are actually looking for a home because this website is Sun TV shut down if the testification does not go properly. Video an investigation is ongoing since Saturday and even Facebook has disabled the Instagram account of the suspected shooter whose content is in controversy right now.



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