A Chat with Emily Pemberton @empemb


Every person in the world has a story to tell, and Emily Pemberton @empemb is no exception. Not only is Emily a beautiful and smart woman, but she is also a strong person who has overcome challenges when she was just starting as an influencer. She has collaborated with various brands. Here is her story.

A Little bit of Emily

Introducing Emily Pemberton, born on May 14th in sunny and beautiful Newport Beach, California. At 26 years old, Emily has lived in California her whole life and currently resides in Orange County. One of the many things she loves about her hometown is the beaches; although she wishes the rent wasn’t so high in California. An interesting fact about her is that people always think she is taller than she really is. She is actually 5’2”. Also, she considers herself an introvert. Emily is active on Instagram and other social media too, like Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Influencer Beginnings at the University

Emily started her journey to become an influencer at the University of Arizona. At that time, Instagram was just starting to become popular. She posted photos with her friends on popular pages such as “Total Frat Move,” “The Chive,” etc. She didn’t imagine that her following would later bring her business. The word “influencer” didn’t have the same meaning it does today. Around her senior year in the university, brands started reaching out to her about paid partnerships.

Now, Emily is able to travel and support herself through her business ventures on social media.  However, she spends her money carefully and saves. She is saving for her dream house and then hoping to start a swimwear line.


One of the biggest struggles for her was proving that she could make money on social media. A lot of people did not take her work seriously, even though working on social media can be time-consuming and usually occupied her weekends.

As an introvert, Emily had to learn to deal with some negativity and cyberbullying. In her early days as an influencer, this was an issue for Emily but after awhile she was able to overcome the negativity.

Next Ten Years

In ten years, Emily imagines she will meet the love of her life – “fingers crossed,” she says. Also, she sees herself in her own house and starting to design her swimwear line. She also envisions starting a nonprofit that fights against illegal puppy mills and the overbreeding of dogs for money.


Emily has collaborated with different brands, and some of the ones she feels most proud of are @revolve, @lulifamaswimwear, @loungeunderwear, @bebe_stores, and @mgmresortsintl.

Some brands that she would love to collaborate with are @jumelleswim, @frankiesbikinis, @urbanoutfitters, and @ aloyoga.

Life Advice Quotes

If you ask her for advice, she says that she lives by two quotes. The first one is ‘life happens outside of your comfort zone’ and the second one is ‘start each day ready, so when an opportunity comes, you’ll never miss it.’

Be sure to check out Emily on:

Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/eepxo

 Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJVWfQXR

 Instagram: @empemb