A Dive into Lily Rose | @lilyrosecameron


In our interview with Lily Rose, we learn a little about what happens behind the camera that most people don’t understand about influencers and models. She gives us an inside look at her challenges and what has brought her to work around the world as a professional model.

Milly May Holmes (@lilyrosecameron) is an influencer in the Art, Photography, Cosmetics & Beauty, Fashion, and Travel niches. She was born in Leeds, England on April 30th, 1997.

Her initial introduction to modeling started off when a friend of hers from art school suggested she consider becoming a model. At first, she was skeptical when her friend, Joel, told her, but she went ahead and met with an agency in Manchester anyway. 

Her career started with a placement in international markets. Her current agent (Marianne Tamposi) messaged her on Instagram at the time asking to meet her. The next thing she knew, Lily Rose was on a plane to Florida to meet her new agent.

She says that her agent is like family to her now. She has had the opportunity to work in places like Milan, New York, Miami, Istanbul, Cape Town, Argentina, Chile, etc. 

My job allows me to travel the world and that’s why I love it so much.

Currently, Lily Rose lives in the United States in Central Florida. Her favorite things about it are how peaceful and quiet it can be and that she is always surrounded by nature.

The modeling world has presented some real challenges for Lily Rose that not many people know about. She is often told, “Your job is so easy, you just stand there and take a photo.” But, she says it’s really not like that at all. 

Being a model, you have to be in top form 24/7, always available, in the best shape possible and sometimes it’s hard to maintain such standards.

Lily Rose reveals to us that the pressure of the modeling industry sometimes takes a toll on the mental health of models. She says that you really need to have thick skin to survive in the modeling world. Her experience tells her it’s 80% rejection, 20% success.

We asked Lily Rose about her future and loved the response. “I’ve noticed that things shift so quickly in life, a year ago today I probably wouldn’t have thought I’d be where I am right now…I prefer to live in the moment, ask me in 10 years.”

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have big aspirations. She wants to one day do a Dolce & Gabbana Campaign. Also, she has always wanted to shoot for Guess.

A few simple words Milly likes to live by, “Talk less, listen more.”

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