A Feature with our Favorite Vegan Taylor Belle | @taylorbelle


Have you seen Taylor Belle before? You might know her on Instagram as @taylorbelle or maybe Twitter @itstaylorbelle. Born on March 24, 1997 in Denver, Colorado. She still lives there but says once she gets her degree she wants to move to Los Angeles for a few years.What she loves most about Denver is it’s home, because no matter where she finds herself, she knows where she is and will probably know someone there too. As much as she finds comfort in being home and knowing everyone it seems – she also dislikes this. She is the most comfortable in new places with new people. She likes changes and fresh starts which is going to be great when she is thriving in Los Angeles.

She was raised by my momma and even though she was a young mom and there were many struggles that came with being a single mom – she never saw them. Her biological dad relinquished his parental rights to her when she was 7 and as traumatic as that was she was so blessed to have her mom as such a bright and inspiring role model and her adopted dad who took her in – she had been abandoned, but not really. She was taught that when you work hard and treat people right that the universe will take care of you despite the hardships. But for a long time she had very little direction and no idea what she wanted to do with her time on this Earth. She struggled with severe desperation and anxiety for most of her teen years. After she graduated High School (barely she might add) she knew she wasn’t ready to start her college career. So she started modeling. She had never thought she could pursue modeling or anything like that, as outgoing as she was, her confidence was a façade. Initially, she was shooting with any photographer who could pay her hourly and she loved it for a while, until she didn’t anymore. Her Instagram following at that point was slowly growing and she realized that even though she didn’t have 100+k like so many of the inspiring people she followed, she knew this platform could give her the ability to not just show a highlight reel or a pretty face. She found a passion in advocating for animals and actively promoting her lifestyle. She found a passion in connecting with women around the world and forming an understanding of their hardships and their scenarios. This platform has given her the ability to befriend people she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet in her day to day life. So now instead of feeling lost and not knowing her direction she feels confident she is where she is supposed to be. She is now a full time student and she works on creating content for her own “brand” and the brands she works for that align with her morals.

She thinks as much as there have been external struggles the biggest adversity she faced was internal. An internal doubt in who she is and a fear of just being herself because she saw others having success in their lives from being one way. Not being content with being a copy of another is a big lesson she’s learned and she’s actively learning.

She sees herself traveling down the road and connecting with more people. Taylor sees herself implementing her Holistic Health education and helping people heal physical and mental ailments with foods and natural remedies all around the world. Taylor Belle believes she is the biggest extrovert introvert you’ll ever meet. She loves adventure, new experiences and new people but she will also be the first to go off on her own and explore or spend a whole day by herself at home.

As of now she would say every small business she has partnered with and every vegan/cruelty free company, like Vimergy, Iapparel, Miami Fruit, Planet Protein, Vibe Foods, Stitch Boutique, Eat Enlightened, GreenUp Box, oVertone, etc. are great collaborations. The Taylor Belle even a year ago would answer this question differently – She used to work with nearly any company that had the right budget. She now chooses to work with sustainable companies that she genuinely supports – not just for the paycheck.

A goal of Taylor’s is to partner with companies like Seventh Generation because she is passionate about eliminating toxic chemicals and working with companies that work towards being sustainable and eco-friendly. She would also LOVE to collaborate with animal sanctuaries – specifically animals who were rescued from slaughterhouses.

We asked her if she can share any piece of advice to her followers what would it be? She told us:

“We don’t make it out of this lifetime alive. Don’t waste time worrying about how people will perceive you. Be vulnerable and don’t be content being a copy.”


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