A Furlough Feature with Isabella Cuneo | @isacuneoo


Figure out how a girl born in Peru came to America with big dreams and how she wants to use her influence on social media to empower others and make an impact.


Peru to Miami

With a birth date of January 11th, 2000, Isabella Marina Cuneo (@Isacuneoo) is one of the younger successful influencers on Instagram. Isabella was born in Peru and currently lives in Miami, FL. 

There are a lot of things Isabella loves about Miami including the beaches, nightlife, parties, opportunities, food, music, and the diversity of people living in Miami.

She sees herself continuing to live here, although don’t be surprised if she ends up moving to an Island such as Bora Bora or Mykonos, Greece one day!


Passion for Photography

Isabella’s experience in modeling at a young age helped introduce her to her current Instagram niche, Photography. She started to get more passionate about the art of photography and modeling once her following started to take off.

Isabella started modeling for a very famous bikini brand in 2017 which gave her a lot of exposure.

She collaborated with many more bikini and clothing brands and noticed her following continue to grow exponentially. 

It’s been very fun but also a little stressful finding the time to go to school, work, create good content, and just enjoy life. But then I remember I’m so young and have so much time to figure it all out and I also realize that what I’ve been doing so far has been working.

She has had the opportunity to work with Knockout watches, @boutinela, @vibedration, @entrprnr, @premfit, and more. Isabella tells us she would like to work with @voidinfluencers, 1&1 Life, @puravidabracelets.

An @isacuneoo Bikini Brand that Empowers

Isabella is only 19, yet she has so many goals and things she’d like to accomplish! She is still a college student and lives with her family in Miami.

On top of posting on Instagram and collaborating with some of the platform’s most popular brands, she works as a receptionist at an engineering company.

One of her goals is to have her own bikini company that is not just selling bikinis, but also has an empowering message to women and makes them feel proud to wear the brand.

With her growing popularity on Instagram, she sees an opportunity to make a positive impact on others. 

A few of her other goals include her passions in music and traveling. She has always had a great appreciation for music and would like to one day learn how to DJ.

Once her bikini line takes off and she is her own boss, she plans to save up enough money to start traveling.

It’s no question by now that Isabella is a talented individual! She has danced almost her whole life, is good at sports, loves to sing, plays the ukelele, and even paints.

To follow Isabella’s success as she works towards her many goals, you can find her on Instagram @Isacuneoo or Twitter  @Isacuneoo!

For business inquiries contact: Isabellamcuneo@gmail.com