A One-on-one with LA Based Photographer, Arnie Watkins @watarnie


Arnie Watkins began his photography journey around 10 years ago, when he picked up an old camera and started shooting his friends with it. He really took this to the next level with Pacific Interlude, an LA based marketing and production agency.

Pacific Interlude focuses on developing brands through thoughtful, creative, digital and visual strategies. 

We sat down to a one on one Interview with Arnie. He told us that coming from a small town, people didn’t really take photography seriously as a professional job. He recalls it was difficult trying to explain to friends and family what he did for a living.

I think a lot of people in the creative industries have difficulty being accepted by people for doing something different, even if they are really successful.

People don’t like change and they certainly don’t like things they don’t understand.

We asked Arnie what he liked to do on a day-to-day basis. The answer he gave us was very fitting!

“I’d say live life to the fullest! I just want to live a fun and fulfilling life.”

Arnie’s photography style has natural vintage undertones and gives off that authentic film vibe, a style which I personally love! Going above and beyond is what Arnie aims for in his project along with trying to capture realism within his portraits.

Looking back, Arnie told us that his “aha” moment came to him when he began traveling the world, by clicking a button. It is amazing that a sharp eye and a camera kit can provide so many opportunities for traveling.

It seems like a digital nomads dream job! The creative possibilities that are opened by travel in terms of location and the people you can meet along the way are endless.

The change Arnie wishes to inspire in the word is:

“For people to get along with each other, regardless of race, color, or differences.”

For a lot of creatives and photographers starting out it can be a long journey, full of learning experiences. And even veteran photographers can come across scenarios where they learn something new which enriches their creative vision.

One piece of advice Arnie gave to us is:

“If you ain’t having fun doing it, why even do it?”

Quick fire

Favorite restaurant?


Favorite place to travel?


What’s your favorite book?

“48 laws of power.”

Target audience/niche?

“Lifestyle brands.”

Brand Collabs you are proud of?

“I recently just shot for Nike 2021 swimwear campaign.”

Future Projects?

“That’s a secret!”

Thank you so much for talking to us today Arnie. We are looking forward to seeing your future secret projects appear in the online space!

If you would like to check out more of Arnie’s work you can catch him on Instagram @pacificinterlude and @watarnie.