A Scroll Through Olivia Pascale | @OliviaPW


She started her social media journey about five year ago and it has evolved into a part-time business/hustle. She started with just posting modeling photos, which evolved into her partnering with brands to receive product and promote them, which then evolved into using her platform as a service for brands to advertise through.

This wasn’t necessarily her plan to start, but it happened and she couldn’t be more thankful. 

She’s able to be her own boss, make her own schedule, travel very often, and have creative freedom. While she is a full-time model, blogger, and influencer, she’s exploring business ventures outside of the world of social media, because she wants to build a foundation for something that is more dependable and in her control, while still giving her the freedom to work for herself.

She cares deeply for people, and if there is any message she is trying to promote through her platform it’s an inspiration to push people past their self limiting boundaries of what they believe they are capable of. 

She’s fortunate enough to say that her story has been pretty smooth along the way. Of course, there have been hiccups here and there, but nothing major enough to stand out in her memory. Here are a few minor challenges that could have a better outcome.

She spent four months out of 2018 in LA, giving modeling a shot in the LA market. She signed with a major modeling agency that she was very excited about. However, once she was out there, she was only sent out on a handful of auditions and castings.

She put herself in a bit of debt trying to keep up with my bills in Miami and LA, especially since she wasn’t getting any work. Of course, she can’t put the blame on her agency, that’s just the business.

However, she did have high hopes for her time out there and it was disappointing, waiting around for auditions that never came. This experience forced her to pivot mentally, which in hindsight, she’s thankful for. A few months later, her priorities have changed and she realized that she would rather be recognized for her mind than her appearance.

Right now, her full source of income comes from a mix of modeling, blogging, and influencer work. For modeling, she works mostly in the commercial industry. So, literally commercials you see on TV.

Her last few big jobs were commercials for Home Depot, Hardrock, Days Inn, Exxon Mobil, etc. She has been doing that type of modeling/acting work since she was nine and she loves it. It comes naturally to her and she loves being on set and watching all of the moving parts come together to make it happen.

For her social media work, she works with brands on a weekly basis, creating sponsored content and posting it on her blog, Lovelivv.com, or her Instagram. She has gotten this process down to a T. In the last few years, She invested in a camera (SONY a6300) and has taught herself Lightroom, which is a professional photo editing program.

She has built a personal brand around her lifestyle and chooses to create content based on her brand aesthetics. She tries to keep things fun, happy, light, and most importantly, real.

She doesn’t work with brands that she doesn’t believe in. For example, she is naturally thin, so she would never promote any type of fat burning or appetite suppressant. She has gained a trusting relationship with her audience and she takes pride in that. If she wouldn’t recommend a product to her mom or sister, she won’t promote it on her blog or IG.

As for her plans for the future, it includes something completely unrelated to social media. Her business venture, and what she’s been investing a lot of time and energy for the past six months, is her real estate investing business.

It is very exciting for her and something that will eventually evolve into a full-time career. She will probably still do her social media work but on a smaller scale. She’s really looking forward to running and growing my own business.

As outgoing, as she is, She is also very much an introverted person. She enjoys her alone time and sometimes prefers it. She can control her own energy and thoughts and she loves taking time in everyday life to reflect.

She’s had a lot of notable collaborations from brands like Guess, Myraswim, True Religion, Revolve, Glossier, Sketchers, and more.

When it comes to brands she wants to work with she told us any brand that aligns with her values and she feels like my audience would benefit from. The future is bright for this rising star and we can’t wait to see what she has in store!

To follow Oliva on her journey check out her Instagram @Oliviapw.