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Furlough aims to provide transparency to influencers, brands and fans using data-driven audience insights.

Social media has created many entrepreneurs but there is yet to be a standard or a reference for what these influencers and brands can produce and how they can help brands expand.

“The lack of transparency is the biggest problem,” said influencer consultant Yuliya Gorenko, who formerly led influencer marketing at L’Oréal in the Ukraine. “On the measurement front, marketers can only track based on whatever metrics the influencer or platform they’re working with is willing to share.”

Bringing Influencers, Brands and Fans together



Whether you influence a million people to give you a dollar or one to give you a million, at Furlough we choose quality over quantity.



You can be an eCommerce brand or a brick and mortar store the digital methods are the same and Furlough focuses on the full stack.



The reality is we're all fans of something, fans of each other and that at its core is what makes the Furlough community what it is.


The Path to becoming a Full Stack Marketer

Web & Social Media

Whether your presence is on the web or a social platform the fundamentals are the same when servicing your audience.

Content Marketing

When the algorithms are against you how can you creatively distribute your content so it still reaches the masses?


After you attract your audience how do you re-engage with them to keep them invested and interested in your offer?

Growth Strategies

Creating systems with effective processes to help sustain your current business with a focus on growth.


Whether you’re looking to launch, improve or scale your brand.. we’re here to help.


Instant results and traffic to your brand Whether you are advertising on social Media or on the search engines. Gain Insights and ideas on how this can help you.

Social Media

Building your brand awareness, nurturing an audience, building loyalty, and encouraging advocacy across multiple social channels.


Driving results by strategically nurturing your audience and boosting the relevance of the ads they see, remarketing allows us to customize messaging that attracts visitors to revisit your site to complete an action.


PR should be a part of every strong SEO strategy and vice versa. We combine traditional media outreach with content marketing strategies including SEO to increase your growth and discoverability on the search engines.


Well, we’re all fans… listen to what a few of ours have to say.

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Perks of our Community

  • Live mastermind session every weekday and over 30 sessions every week!
  • Network with professionals globally, build relationships and get results.
  • Build your influence, cross promote, and gain exposure with community resources.
  • 24/7 Voice channels and team environments for collaborating on projects and campaigns.
  • Loyalty incentives and exclusive access for community leaders and proactive members.
  • Accelerate your start up or gain experience working on our vetted community projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Furlough is a collaborative community of influencers, brands and fans focused on growing together. Whether you're an eCommerce brand or a lifestyle influencer the methods are the same. We focus on is known as Full Stack Marketing which is comprised of social media, SEO, remarketing, and advertising.
Furlough services brands, influencers and everything in between. Whether you're an expert digital marketer or getting started in your professional career, Furlough works with all types of brands and influencers on a case to case basis.
Our best known product is our FREE community. Connect, collaborate and grow with other professionals. We offer a premium version of our community with additional benefits as well as meetings that can help any professional that is working on a digital brand.
Furlough helps influencers and brands with their full stack marketing process. Whether you want to improve your social media, SEO, advertising or remarketing campaigns Furlough can help.
We have tons of proven case studies of how Furlough has directly helped businesses reach their professional goals. Whether it is to increase your audience size, improve your conversion rate or anything in between. We operate at a case by case basis and only work with businesses we are sure that we can positively impact.
Full stack marketing is the framework that every business, whether eCommerce brand or a lifestyle influencer, should have implemented to their business. This includes social media (all channels), SEO/PR (on page & off page), remarketing (email marketing, chat bots, etc) and advertising (search engine and social media).
The Furlough an inclusive community is the most collaborative digital community in the world. Discord is a chat platform that we use to communicate and collaborate with our members. We hold more than 30 sessions every week encourage stronger ties with the members that make up our organization.

Questions? We've got the answers.