Access a Refurbished Premium Account with the Access of N26


Have you heard anything about the N26 premium plan launch by the Challenger bank N26? Well, you need to know that which plan introduced by the Challenger bank N26 will replace the existing N26 Black but the benefits will be same. N26 is available with the three-tier system along with a free basic bank account.

Following up, you need to know that with N26 you get a premium account (N26 You), a super premium account, as well as a free basic bank account. With the help and support of this plan, you would be able to pay anywhere in the world without paying any kind of our foreign transaction fee.

If you are thinking about the changes made in the price of the N26 then there is nothing. In easy words, N26 has not made any particular change in the price as the prices are the same as the previous N26 plan.

For purchasing insurance packages and travel, you are allowed to withdraw some money devoid of paying any foreign transaction fee. When you are talking about N26, you may need to know that this plan allows you to create 10 spaces for organizing your money with your unique saving objectives.

You would be happy to know that you are going to access a very good looking called. N26 is going to use some new colors to provide you more alternatives. Among the top five colors like Aqua, Rhubarb, Slater, as you can pick the desired color.

Finally, you can believe that you will accept a blue card which is linked with your premium main account. Likewise, the yellow card is linked with an s shared spaces sub-count. When you talk about the designs of the cards, you will see some quick changes and it will demonstrate a lot of possibilities.  For your requirements, you can be able to order a supplementary card.