After first day trading on the NYSE, Stock up 76% in Medallia


Medallia on Friday, stock up to 76% after its New York Stock Exchange. It is a customer experience management platform with its shares at $21 per share before the stock exchange raised it to $39.54 the next day. Resulting in the closing of this nearly two-decade-old company $37 apiece. 

There is a raise of value in shares worth $326 million to $2.5 billion when 15.5 million shares were sold from Medallia in a process of valuation. It is led by CEO Leslie Stretch which provides a better experience for customers in their business. Medallia experience cloud is a core product that gives real-time data on purchasers from online browsing in social media and reviews sites. This data is used to provide better user experience for their customers. 

Four venture capital firms back up Medallia. They are Sequoia Capital, Saints Capital, Triple Point Venture Growth and Grotmol Solutions. Earlier, a 40% Pre-IPO stake was owned by Sequoia Capital. Grotmol Solutions invested a small capital in Medallia around the year 2010. However, this year, additional to the series funding of $70 million a total of $268 million was raised in equity funding. Sequoia Capital’s Stake values up to $1.8 billion with Medallia’s stock up to 76%.  

Peter Grimwood
Peter Grimwood has worked in the computer industry for 5 years when he decided to stand on his own and start his own firm, and he's never looked back. A real hard-worker and go-getter, he is a powerful leader and has made quite a name for himself in the industry. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he still resides there with his wife and two kids, Mark and Gene. He believes that simplicity is the key to everything in life, including writing, and loves to make his content engaging and easy to understand for all audiences - even those who aren’t necessarily from a technical background.


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