Apollo 11 Space Mission – The 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing was Celebrated By Google Via a Doodle Video


Everyone in this world knows Neil Armstrong the first-ever human being in history to step on the Moon. On July 21, over fifty years ago history was created by the humans. With over 400,000 people working together helps this mission to become successful. On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 rocket left Earth and then return on July 21, 1969. This mission includes three astronauts who were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

After this first successful mission to the moon, all of them earn praises and fame. Their monuments were created in order to celebrate their achievement so that they will be remembered in history. And in order to celebrate this occasion, Google has released a Doodle video where astronaut Michael Collins shared his memory of the mission.

The Doodle shows Armstrong setting his foot on the moon and he rose to success because he was the first one to do so. Even though three astronauts were part of the mission but Armstrong became the most popular one. When you visit Google you can see the new doodle and as you click on it the YouTube window will start. After that, you can hear the reverse counting of the launch can be heard.

The short animated clip of Apollo 11 takes off from Earth shares the experience of an astronaut as they go to the moon and came back to Earth. Collin describes how happy all of them were due to the success of the mission and it was the victory of this Earth.

The National Air and Space Museum is also going to project a show name ‘Go For the Moon’ on Washington Monument which will be premiered till 20 July.

Mark Farthing
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