AutoX with autonomous driving technology expands to Europe


AutoX with a Swedish holding company, NEVS is expanding beyond its original scope to grocery delivery. It expects to get into AV supplier and robotaxi business. By taking its business to Europe with NEVS, an electric vehicle manufacturer intends to deploy a robotaxi deploy services, which bought Saab’s assets from its bankruptcy. By integrating its Autonomous drive technology AutoX with manufacture a next-generation electric vehicle inspired by the “InMotion” concept by NEVS.


In Trollhattan, NEVS is developing a next-generation electric vehicle which is expected to hit Europe by 2020. The founder and CEO of AutoX commonly known as Professor X, stated its advantages for people and the environment when it can be used continuously for 24 hours with no emissions. The Autonomous taxi service is specifically build to satisfy such characteristics. 

The companies eventually intend to go Globally. The alliance of AutoX with NEVS represents its interest in Autonomous Driving technology. Founded in 2016, AutoX focused on Self-driving services for delivering groceries or similar products to customers in Hong Kong and San Jose. With the requirement, it partnered with a grocery store, and with a mobile pilot, DeMartini Orchard. 

With a raise from ventures and strategic investors up to $58 million, AutoX plans to expand its venture to Europe with new technology. It became the second company to receive permission to transport humans with autonomous driving technology from the California board. 

Previously, Professor X spoke about providing such service to everyone, letting people guess from before about AutoX’s plans. They intend to use high-end technology with economic boundaries by using cameras, unlike the expensive lidar units. The advanced AI algorithm in AutoX makes such tasks possible.  AutoX currently has 115 employees, with an increase in plans, they plan to hire 50 more employees this year. For increasing its area geographically in San Jose, it is thoroughly working with the government and expects to launch by next month. 

AutoX received its permit in China. It is not clear about how they plan to launch their services, however, it is known that they are working alongside a Chinese company to implement their plans.

Mark Farthing
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