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Full Stack Audit | Valerie Lavender LED Light Therapy


Valerie Lavender is a new brand presenting a flagship product: two types of masks with LED (light-emitting diode) therapy with a non-invasive technology. AKA light therapy, In the last two years has been the mainstream in skin care, this situation makes a market with huge opportunity but great competition.  

Social Media

If you are like Valerie Lavender and you are just starting your presence at social media or your presence is low. Consider it an opportunity to create a Social Media Strategy, that means establish your goals and reach your target audience. 

According to, people between 30 and 49 years old use more YouTube and Facebook. It would be recommendable for Valerie Lavender to focus on YouTube and Facebook, probably through a video campaign. According to Statista the target audience of Instagram is between 18 to 34 years old, and according to Omnicore 71% of their user are females between 18 and 49 years old. 


  • Consider the length of a video from seconds to 2 minutes and
  • Post constantly and connect with your audience. You don’t have to always talk about your product, think about engaging with your audience. 
  • Motivate your happy buyers to share their videos and experiences with your product
  • Response personally, nothing worse than feeling you are talking with a machine.



  • Website

Valerie Lavender is a newborn 2021 brand, with a beautiful, clean, inspirational and informative webpage. However, they do not have a blog, a pillar of an SEO strategy, with which we seek to rank a web page on the first page of Google without paying. If we look in the first image below the google trend for web search, and then comparing with the second image the YouTube search. We can see how a video/blog about beauty and skincare to promote the LED Valeri Lavender mask could have better results together. 

Using Ubersuggest, we can see above that Valerie Lavender has some easy to moderate difficult issues to resolve in their webpage. 

The low word count refers to the content length needed for google to understand and rank your webpage. The minimum is 2000 words, so add more content to your page.

Headings are important for SEO because they help search engines like google and customers to know what your web or your post is talking about. H1 heading is related to the title, so be careful to review every H1 heading, and be sure that every title has a tag relevant to your content. 

A meta description describes the content of your site, you have to be sure that all your content has a unique and relevant description in every page, this will increase your chances to rank better. 

  • Backlinks 

Every link for another domain redirecting to your webpage gives you a backlink or vote, if you have a high number of backlinks, your webpage will rank better on search engines like google. You need to write not just an interesting and informative webpage but you want to generate content that could be a backlink reference. 



Email opt-in has a huge importance in Marketing Campaigns, not just for the fact that a customer trusts your brand and gives you your information, but for the responsibility of becoming a better sender.

a. The first step is to have an option to subscribe to the newsletter brand. In the case of Valerie Lavender after subscribed, we did not receive a message confirmation nor email confirmation. 


  • Implement an immediate message to your customers let them know that they are part of your newsletter. 
  • Use the newsletter: It is not about overwhelming your customer but you should not forget about it. 

b. Chat widget.  The main goal to have it on your site is to get real-time feedback. So, having a message saying “We’ll reply as soon as we can” it doesn’t give a message of real-time response.

Suggestion: In the hours that you are not available, consider to add Answer Bot’s self-service capabilities, ask for their email and give information, but be careful with this gadget you don’t want to find your customer shouting into a void.  

c. Valerie Lavender doesn’t have Facebook Pixel. A Pixel is a code that makes it possible to retarget those who visit your webpage. It helps you to focus your advertising on people that were interested before in your webpage. It’s easy to install and as people visit your website you start measuring your activity. 


VL is not running any advertising. 

The fastest way to make a presence in social media, and getting is with advertising. 

Look for support by Advertising Manager Services. If you go by yourself explore Facebook business, Google ads, Google business, Google shopping campaigns, YouTube Ads 

Defining your target. One of the best ways to boost your online sales is reaching people where they’re. The image below shows the trend in google in the United States in the past 90 days for LED face mask search. Run an online campaign specifically for these states. 



Valerie Lavender has a huge opportunity to grow their e-commerce marketing from consumer segmentation to create brand awareness. 

Plan of action 

  1. Define social media goals (clear and specific) 
  2. Define target (age, gender, geographic, purchasing power)
  3. Create YouTube & Facebook video campaign
  4. Plan, organize and deliver content 
  5. Use social media scheduler apps
  6. Advertising Budget (aligned with your plan) 
  7. Fix web technological issues
  8. Create a message confirmation to email-opt
  9. Start a Blog / video campaign 
  10. Considering keywords and key content to create content blog content