Behind Likes and Follows with Mia Amabile | @miaamabile


I love how fast-paced LA is and how many things there are to do. There is great nightlife and great food and of course, all my friends live here!

says Mia Amabile (@miaamabile), an influencer in the Travel, Cosmetics & Beauty, and Fashion niches. 

In our interview with Mia, she explains how much she loves LA, yet she’s not a fan of the traffic. She plans to stay in Hollywood for a while but would love spending some time in Miami and Australia.

Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia on June 19th, 1996, Mia moved to San Diego and attended San Diego State. After graduating with a degree in Economics, she moved to LA to pursue a career in fashion. She has always worked in fashion but recently left her social media job to work as a Freelancer.

Currently, Mia works as a Freelance Social Media Strategist. She is also working hard to build her Instagram while doing some modeling on the side.

For many college students, having an exact path isn’t always clear. Mia struggled a lot trying to figure out exactly what she wanted to do. Her interests led her to start working in fashion in high school in various different positions. She started mostly with wholesale and buying and design. 

As she worked more in fashion she grew a love for design. She could express herself creatively, but because she wasn’t the best artist, drawing her own designs was a struggle.

In college, Mia started working on her own social media accounts to build her brand and realized that social media was definitely the route for her. 

I started doing a bunch of freelance social media for a lot of different brands and after graduation decided to get a full-time job in social media and ended up hating it! But now I’m back to freelance work and I love it!

We asked Mia about her plans for the future, we got excited and had a laugh. She hopes to have kids, pets, and be happily married and focused on being a mom. The funny part: “My goal is to have a small farm and have goats!!” She wants goats on her farm. Can you blame her? They are adorable.

Her other plans include working with some of the biggest designers in her industry. So far, she has already collaborated with Revolve and plenty of different Australian brands, such as Princess Poly.

A quote that Mia lives by: “Work hard and be yourself”

To follow Mia on her journey, you can find her on Instagram @miaamabile

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