Rigo Gimenez Sits Down for a Furlough Exclusive | @rigo_gimenez


Know as @rigo_gimenez on Instagram, artist Rigo Gimenez was born in Sucre, Bolivia. His time there was short-lived. At the age of 6 months, he moved to Brazil where he spent the next 11 years of his life. In 1995, he moved to Miami, which has been his home ever since. Creativity has always followed him and his family ever since he was a little kid. 

He has a fashion-forward mother, singing sister, and cousins who are architects, to name a few other artists in his family. He loves everything about creating and over the last 10 years has worked his way up from a junior designer to Creative Director & Partner of a digital agency. 

About Rigo’s experience in Miami, “I love this city’s multi-cultural melting pot. I love that I can walk 2 blocks in any direction and be served an authentic Cuban cafecito by an old grandmother. I love that everyone wants to be here, but only the real ones can make it.” He doesn’t plan on leaving the city.

Some of his top companies he would love to collaborate with are Apple, Tesla, Coca Cola, and the NBA / NFL. When asked if he had any piece of advice for his followers he responded with, “I would tell them to always live Bold or Italic, never Regular.”

Another interesting fact about Rigo is that he cuts his own hair. Thus far, he has already had the opportunity to work for a ton of great brands like Inter Miami CF, Best Buy, Best Buddies and Furlough.

For many creatives, the hardest part about their career is keeping up with timelines. Over the years, Rigo has been able to master his schedule and priorities, but not without hundreds of headaches along the way. 

He is hopeful for his future and in 10 years would love to vacation with his wife alongside his business partners, sharing stories about how their initial struggles led them to such great success. 

To keep up with Rigo’s work you can check him out on Instagram @rigo_gimenez, twitter (@rebulrigo) or on Dribbble.com/rebulrigo.