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Thalia Dominguez, also known as @xothal on Instagram, took us behind the scenes to show us the woman behind the photos. As a Miami local, Thalia loves the culture, beauty, life, and inspiration of the city she calls home while navigating the facade with confidence and grace.

Thalia shared her incredible life story with us, and we’re thrilled to share her journey with you!

Thalia was born in Havana, Cuba. Her parents both grew up very poor, but have managed to give her everything she could have ever dreamed of. Growing up, she was always very artistic. She expressed herself through acting, dancing, modeling, swimming, and her great sense of style.

Leaving her home country of Cuba for Miami, Florida at ten years old was a huge challenge, but she never gave up. She confided in us that racism, bullying, and the language barrier made it even harder. “…It took a toll on my mental health as a child. It was hard to make sense of the reasoning behind such a sudden change. I met language barriers that made my school and personal life difficult to manage, but I never gave up. I knew it was all for a reason deep down… Learning English was extremely hard for me, and many times racism and bullying made it much harder to fully step into my power.”

Thalia Dominguez, the Rise to Fame

Thalia told us that she has battled self-esteem issues and struggled to fit in.

To overcome this, she has indulged in self-love and took the time to learn how to be unapologetically herself despite society’s norms. 

Throughout high school, Thalia gained confidence through cheerleading, becoming captain for two consecutive years. She credits cheerleading with teaching her leadership skills and discipline, but she didn’t stop there. After high school, Thalia began studying broadcast media and journalism at Florida International University and discovered a passion for writing and news anchoring. She makes sure to feed her artistic side as well through modeling and music videos as she works towards her dream of becoming a journalist.

We were surprised to learn about the depth of Thalia’s spiritual knowledge. She does tarot and oracle readings (sadly, not yet for the public), and told us that people that meet her are always shocked to see “a pretty face accompanied by ancient knowledge”. While some might call her a “witch,” she’s not a fan of labels. 

What’s next for Thalia?

Thalia has worked with Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and many other fashion brands, but believes that her most exciting work is yet to come. She aspires to work with PLAYBOY in the near future, telling us “I am a very free-spirited being, and I stand behind women and our rights to our sexuality forever… it would be an honor to be able to show the world that our sacred bodies are meant to be worshiped.”


Thalia sees a bright future for herself. She hopes to one day live in Ibiza, Spain, and sees herself in ten years as a 33-year-old boss mom who runs her own business while still being a full-time wife. She hopes to build a happy home where love matters more than money.

If Thalia could tell her followers only one thing, she would tell them to LOVE, unapologetically. I mean this in every sense of the word. Love yourself this way. Love others this way. Love life this way…always go to a place of love and you will be happy. Love is the force of life.” 


Want to get in touch with Thalia? You can reach her at for inquiries. 

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