Best Coworking Spaces Discovered in Denver


The coworking spaces in Denver feature many options. While many develop their specialization around specific occupational profiles, others differentiated. The emphasis ranges from investment opportunities, networking, architectural features, environmental and social topics. Listed below are five coworking spaces in Denver who built their communities around the topics of cannabis, Italian Renaissance architecture, mountain escape, sustainability, and social responsibility.



Green Labs Denver Coworking Space, Denver

Green Labs Denver is not a typical coworking space. It invests in only legal cannabis market. Green Labs investor team offers an initial consultation consisting of initial project valuation. Successful candidates receive an investment offer. The offer includes startup funds, rent-free coworking space, and mentorship. Their comprehensive training program aims to help entrepreneurs with business setup and growth. These services are available in return for a small stake in the company, which is usually between 5-9%.

Cultivated Synergy Coworking Space, Denver

Cultivated Synergy is another coworking space in Denver built around thriving cannabis industry. Cultivated Synergy is as a hub for people starting in the cannabis industry ( Their business concept connects small businesses with potential clientele within the industry. They have over 60 members representing over 30 brands. The membership plans start with $100 for shared workspace and networking. 

Cultivated Synergy packs a list of events for the next couple of months. Their events are free, members only or are accessible for a fee. Their calendar for this summer lists a Cannabis Buyers Club (B2B event), open JumpStart Conference, Canagather Colorado (members-only), and the Hemp and Cannabis career fair ($5 job seeker fee). They also offer Bend and Blaze private yoga classes. The Bend and Blaze is a Hatha Yoga class for all levels “incorporating one of nature’s most amazing plants” per class description.


Balcony West Coworking Space, Denver

Balcony West features Denver Landmark location and a vape-friendly patio. Built in 1892, the Equitable Building features Italian Renaissance Revival style. The Denver Architectural Foundation notes the interior of this building as one of the most beautiful city-wide. Noted are interior features such as marble, Tiffany window, chandeliers, marble floors and pillars, glass mosaic, and bronze staircase.  The main feature of this coworking space is 1,200 square foot patio with permitted smoking. The patio overlooks the city and the mountains. The coworking space rentals start with $250 a month. The coworking space rental includes balcony access, business address, coworking space based on availability, mail service, private kitchen, etc. The patio rental starts at $3,500.

Green Spaces Coworking Space, Denver & Winter Park

Green Spaces is a coworking space with locations in Denver and Winter Park, CO. The focus is on sustainable practices, and is nearly 100% solar powered. Their mission centers around environmental responsibility, wellness, and work-life balance. Their initiatives include Certifiably Green Denver, alternative energy and energy efficiency measures, thoughtful sourcing of all materials, and working towards zero waste. Their website features the member list of socially conscious businesses. 

Some events revolve around themes of zero waste, yoga, organic farming, and shamanism. The non-profit sponsorship is available to a selected non-profit. The sponsorship covers a three-month use of space for a one-time symbolic fee of $75. The regular coworking space rentals start with $150 for a part-time lounge for Denver location and $195 for a split time between Denver and Winter Park. The Green Spaces recently opened the second location in Winter Park, Colorado. At the time of the writing of this article, the Green Spaces offered one free week in Winter Park for new members. The Winter Park location also features free beer during member happy hours.


The Alliance Center Coworking Space in Denver

The Alliance Center is a non-profit coworking space in Denver. Their focus is on creating sustainably-focused solutions, and acting as a hub for corporate social responsibility. The Center features Best for Colorado program and offers free impact assessment designed in alignment with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Program. The Center provides the impact improvement plan assistance and mentorship program. The impact improvement plan assistance is available via the Center’s Program Manager or with a partnership with students of Colorado University- Denver Business School. Their calendar of events features topics such as Slow Food Nation Film Festival, The Watershed Summit, My Green Workplace, VegFest, Women in Sustainability quarterly meetup etc.

Their Climate+ program aims to shift the perception of climate change on the macro level. Their Living Lab program features efforts with the energy and water efficiency, Direct Current (DC) Microgrid Project, DC electric vehicle fast charger, an urban sustainable garden and wellness activities such as free yoga classes and meditation space. 

The hot space rental starts at $200/month, which includes 10hrs a month of conference room article. At the time of writing of this article, the hot space rentals were full, and the Center had a waiting list.