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📅 [NOV 22, 2021]

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The Clock is Ticking. ⏲

💸You only have precisely five days left before all of your crazy customers knock on your door and ask for a special deal to loot all of your stock away in your inventory.💸

At the same time, how can you make sure this happens to you drive a crazy conversion to your business this week?🤔

And turn 2021 upside down.

You will soon find out today, my friend.😁

In this week’s issue:

  • How To Drive Profits This Black Friday
  • BFCM Playbook? 😳
  • Revelations: The Surprising Thing You May Not Know About BFCM Sales
  • Digital Marketing Highlights You Should Know About

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How To Drive Profits This Black Friday

It’s time to ramp up the action this BFCM!

The competition to secure sales in Q4 is getting increasingly competitive. With so many emails flooding customer inboxes, it’s extremely important to strategize so your emails don’t disappear into the abyss of notifications.

The last thing you need is a spout of terrible click through rates and an unhappy client.

So what’s the solution? 

Answer: A well rounded personalised, strategy. There’s no one-size-fits-all in this game because there are so many different business models to consider.

  1. Grow Your List

A larger email list means more sales opportunities! Have you got a compelling newsletter sign up section on your website and a popup? That’s a great place to start. If you really want to up the game consider running Facebook Ads encouraging customers to sign up to be first to receive Black Friday offers.

2. Spy on your competitors

Part of email marketing really is to become a professional stalker. Take a lot at your competitors current offerings on – an email marketer’s secret weapon! What are they currently offering? What does their copy look like? What can you do to set yourself apart? Take advantage of this inspiration!

3. The “no brainer” offer

Get your offers in order. Remember, your offers need to make sense to your business and your customers! There’s no point in offering something which will incur great loss to you, but at the same time, a stingy offer can make customers feel “cheated.” 

4. Build momentum 

Think carefully about how you can create hype and anticipation for BFCM. Simply sending a random announcement email on the day just won’t cut it. Send targeted emails to your list prior to BFCM, teasing your offers.

5. Adjust your automations

A run of the mill abandoned cart or browse abandonment flow moves too slowly during BFCM. To increase conversions:

  • Make time delays shorter
  • Adjust your copy to suit BFCM
  • Increase FOMO tactics

6. Use clever segmentation

Are you currently sending the same email to your entire list? Yes? Then you are missing out big time!

Here’s why you need to segment your list, not only for BFCM but for your overall email strategy:

Here’s the thing, it’s not enough just to segment random portions of your customer base, there needs to be a clear thought process behind your decision making, to get the best results.

To find out how you should be segmenting your customer base for the best results this BFCM, click here. 


💸 E-commerce

BFCM Playbook? 😳

BFCM Playbook

The super bowl🏈  for marketers and business owners is less than a week away. And just like how every good coach gives his team a play strategy for every game, one of our community members, Bogdan, shared a post by Nik Sharma that unveils some of the best practices for entrepreneurs who will be playing this game for the first time. How do you offer great discounts that your customers will love but also make money? Hm, let’s get to it;

Overarching mindset going into BFCM 🧠
Be smart with how you package your deals. You want to create amazing packages but you also want to make money and most importantly uphold the integrity of your business. Your customers will remember the deals you made this year. So if you give crazy discounts like 90% off, your customers will be expecting the same thing next year.

How to achieve that? 🤔
Build offer bundles that combine a “high-discount combined with a high average order value (AOV) offer. For example, If you’re selling a $20 product, try to build a bundle that sells for a total of $100 after a 30-40% discount. When you increase the AOV, you can afford to give a bigger discount on the product”

Thanksgiving Thursday 🦃
Nik suggests that on Thursday, send an email to your Most Valuable Customers(MVC), raging fans as Joe likes to call them. Thank them for their support and give them exclusive early access to your BF sales.

If you don’t already have a segment for your MVC, you should consider talking to Roslyn from our community. 

Black Friday 🛍️
The D-Day. spend time at the place that makes the most sense depending on your business structure. You should also have ads on autopilot to every audience list you have, segmenting out those who already purchased from the Thursday early access discount.

Saturday and Sunday🧘
This is the little rest period between BF and CM, Nik says if you have the resources too, run ads or emails to your “predicted to churn” audience lists in preparation for Cyber Monday. Also, play around with offering subscription-based offers and see how they perform.

Cyber Monday/Cyber Week 📦
Cyber Monday is not a one-day thing, it now extends for the whole week. Throughout the week keep running promos to get the most out of it. The Tuesday during the cyber week is known as giving Tuesday. You can couple a with a charity such as a buy one give one deal. Doing that not only lowers the barrier to purchase but also supports a cause.

Be concise and calculated with the deals you run from BF through CM/CW. Remember that whatever deals you run this year are setting the pace for what your customers will be expecting every other year from now.

Read the full article from here


Revelations: The surprising thing you may not know about BFCM sales.

Revelations: The surprising thing you may not know about BFCM sales. 

Think Black Friday events will slow down sales between times?

Think again.

You might be the type of person who is extremely thoughtful and frugal with purchasing products. Perhaps you research what’s on your wishlist in advance, carry out price comparisons and then countdown until the sales begin to make your move. Here’s the thing, just because you shop in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that everyone else follows the same pattern.

The numbers don’t lie: 

Check out this screenshot from one of our ecommerce clients which shows the current trajectory from our email marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that this is one portion of the omnichannel strategy that we are covering with this brand. This campaign didn’t host any discounts or sales either. It was purely promotional content showcasing the brands products.

You might be thinking… “Over $10k in sales before Black Friday? No discounts? How can this be?”

People are in the shopping mood. You just need to remind them that you exist.

🤳 Round-Up

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community:

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Have a great week and we’ll see you in Discord!

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