How To Take Photos Like An Influencer


If you did not Instagram it, did it even happen? This is the question most millennials will ask you today, and the answer is definite-nope. The power of images on social media platforms where influencers with millions of viewers highlight various things has never been more crucial. Brands try to engage with these people when marketing their items, and it is no surprise seeing the competition among them rising. Well, being an influencer is not just about having millions of followers, but the art of photography as well. Curating a breathtaking picture takes skill, and we could all use some of the tips from seasoned experts who have been at it for a long time. Here are the tips;


The Rule of Thirds.

This is a convention influencers use when taking perfect pictures. In photography, you will need to learn about composition, which is the arrangement of visual elements within the image. The rule of thirds will guide you on how to take pictures with the visual elements placed strategically. It entails dividing the image into nine equal squares, which can be done by using two vertical and horizontal lines. Align the key elements within these lines will elicit more interest in it. Your phone probably has a grid setting that you can use to get these lines and avoid aligning the subject at the center of the image, especially if there are other visual elements in it. You will come across different composition rules, but most influencers recommend this if you want to see your images stand out from the rest.


Lighting is Everything.

This is widely known and probably the first thing you consider when taking photos. When taking pictures using your phone, take advantage of natural lighting as it is the best. Lighting can make or break a picture, especially when dealing with sunlight. When the light is too bright, have your subject stand in the shade facing the sun. You will take a better photo with no extreme shadows on their face. If you are shooting indoors, try and do it as close as you can to places where there is natural light. Artificial light should be avoided at all costs since it varies and might not contain the right lights needed to produce perfect images.


Find A Reliable Editing App.

Now here is where all the preparation is done before the image are unleashed to the world of social media. An editing app will take it to the next level and find a reliable one. Instagram offers a couple of filters and photo editing options, but they are not sufficient if you want to produce top-notch images. Dealing with editing apps is hectic, and it takes time and patience before finding the right one for you. If you are starting with editing, focus on the basics such as exposure, saturation and contrast. After you are familiar with these, move over to the sophisticated features such as grain, fade and healing, among others. Editing requires one to find the perfect balance, which can only be done by practising.


Try out.

The secret to success in social media photography is trying out until you become a pro. Perfection takes time, and most influencers do not take pictures with the best phones. They take their time and set up perfectly to capture the right shot. Once you have the skills, you will be able to harness the power of your phone and take the best picture using it.


With the mentioned tips and a little bit of luck, you should be on your way to becoming an excellent social media photographer. These are the tips that make influencers take pictures of simple things that wow their followers and even attract more of them.