Scaling Brands with the Power of Community
Custom Microteams for your Brand's Unique Needs
Tap into our diverse community of experts, each bringing unique skills and experience to the table. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we curate microteams tailored to your brand’s specific needs. This ensures you receive dedicated, specialized attention from professionals who understand your market and share your vision for success.
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Words From Founders
A Different Marketing Experience
Breaking away from the traditional agency model, we at Furlough stand as a dynamic community of experts. We're not an agency; we're a collective of passionate marketers and entrepreneurs dedicated to growth.
Email & Marketing Automation
Data backed segmented marketing automations, building sophisticated multi-touch points communication flows using channels such email, sms and push notifications.
Paid Media & Advertising
Multi ad-channels management focusing budget optimization and constant ROAS growth, utilizing latest growth hacks and professional experience.
Data & Custom Reports
Fully customized professional dashboard, filled with insight-driven data and reports that covers your business.
Website Development
Fully customized developed website, either Shopify or similar based stores, or WordPress full business website.
Analytical Stack
Complete tracking and accounts setup & management for in-depth reporting, smart segmentation capabilities and targeting optimization.
Implementation of UX/UI & Funnel oriented strategies, leveraging multi-sources data aggregation and the power of constant A/B/n testing.
Business Rebranding
Creating or Re-shaping your brand’s face. Including asset creation, creative direction and complete professional brand guide.
Full-Stack SEO
SEO strategy implementation, using techniques & technology for enhanced search positioning and brand footprint.
Reddit / Discord Funnels
Utilizing the power of communities, managing personas and building smart funnels to establish and scale any brand.
Listing & Directories Mgmt.
Directories listing and maintenance of technology products and companies for enhanced exposure and audience attention.
Influencer / Content Marketing
Value adding, top quality viral content creation, utilizing influencers and UGC strategies across top social networks.
Press Release
From traditional placements to special mediums leading the digital space - taking care of brands recognition and familiarity.
The Old
Brand Pays agency, agency hires service provider. Service provider gets flat rate to work on multiple accounts and doesn’t receive direct compensation from account. Agency is incentivize to stretch service providers across as many projects as possible keeping majority of the payment.
Locked into contracts
No Contract
Focused on Invoices
Focused on Growth
Copy/Paste Strategies
Customized Approach
Spread Employee too thin
Incentivize Performance
Holds All Assets
You Own Your Channels
Prioritize other clients
Prioritizes your Brand
Client / Provider
Limited Communication
Full Transparency
The Furlough
Furlough builds micro teams to suit a brand’s needs and creates a performance model that incentivizes everyone working on the account.

We connect service providers with consultants, project managers and mentors to ensure that all parties are doing their best to deliver on the account.
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Berry Beachy Swim
Empowering brand growth through - Email Marketing, Google ads and improved customer value
Luxury Home Bar

Scaling up digital engagement through email marketing, social media advertising, SEO, Google Ads, and Shopify management.

Diva Boutique
Supporting brand growth via Email marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Marketing strategy
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Agencies often disappoint, check and learn if you’re in good hands or in a similar position like the majority of brands around you.
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