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360 Brand Review
Online Presence
Are you being found when searched? Do you have a prominent footprint in the digital space?

We start by examining your digital assets, including your website's quality, your Google My Business profile, and the digital footprint your brand leaves behind.
Analytical Stack
Do you track the activity in your assets? How familiar are you with your audience? Do you have the data that can enable you to gain valuable business insights?

Our review spans from Google Analytics (GA4), hrough pixel implementation (GTM), to event tracking and data collection that enables reports creation.
Marketing Automation
Does your marketing strategy follow a funnel? Do you utilize automation tools & tactics for customer retention? Is your audience targeted in smart segmented campaigns?

We go through all email marketing efforts applicable, segmentation utilization and use of complementary channels such as SMS and Push Notifications.
Search Advertising
Is your marketing strategy optimized for search advertising? Do you use automation tools to target and retain your audience effectively? Are your campaigns tailored to reach the right audience at the right moment?

We analyze your search advertising methods, looking at your keyword targeting, ad performance, and how well your ads convert.
Social Advertising
Do you utilize social media to the best of it’s capabilities by appealing to your target audience, leveraging automation tools to engage your audience, & running campaigns that connect with the right audience at the right time?

We’ll evaluate performance metrics across all social channels to assess if your content is relating to your target audience and being effectively used for brand awareness and revenue building.
Branding & Website Quality
Cohesiveness in brand identity across all platforms is key in communicating with your audience who you are and what you stand for.

By looking at all branding assets and how you are communicating your identity on your website, we’ll be able to fill in the missing pieces your audience might have when trying to determine exactly who you are.
Business Strategy
Do you have a clear strategy for your business when it comes to marketing campaigns and scaling efforts?

Having a clear strategy allows you to make informed decisions on your brand’s future and create a clear plan on its growth. The clearer the strategy, the less room there is for mistakes. Our udit will give you a clear view on where more planning needs to be put in place.
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From eCommerce to SaaS, with huge budgets or ones with no budget at all - we’ve seen them all. The ability to identify what works, pinpoint opportunities, and recognize both short-term gains and long-term strategic potential is key to a brand's sustainability and success.
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