The New Model of Agencies
Agencies come in different sizes and shapes, but they all share old fashioned common work model. Furlough introduces a new way for brands and businesses to get the value and results they deserve, in a new & fresh model.
The Old
Brand Pays agency, agency hires service provider. Service provider gets flat rate to work on multiple accounts and doesn’t receive direct compensation from account. Agency is incentivize to stretch service providers across as many projects as possible keeping majority of the payment.
Locked into contracts
No Contract
Focused on Invoices
Focused on Growth
Copy/Paste Strategies
Customized Approach
Spread Employee too thin
Incentivize Performance
Holds All Assets
You Own Your Channels
Prioritize other clients
Prioritizes your Brand
Client / Provider
Limited Communication
Full Transparency
The Furlough
Furlough builds micro teams to suit a brand’s needs and creates a performance model that incentivizes everyone working on the account.

We connect service providers with consultants, project managers and mentors to ensure that all parties are doing their best to deliver on the account.