British Airways Canceled Flights After The IT Failure But Didn’t Confirm The Number Of Services

british airways

British Airways had to cancel almost 100 flights to London on Wednesday after they suffered a system issue as we came to know. Some reports suggest that the ground around 18,000 passengers after their services and for in and out of Gatwick and Heathrow which are Britain’s busiest airports. And according to the BBC reports, they delayed more than 200 other BA flights. Moreover, Sky News reported that they canceled all the check-ins at BA’s terminal five at Heathrow too. However, British Airline declined to confirm precisely how many several services they canceled on Wednesday.

While being asked, the airline said in a statement, “We are working as quickly as possible to resolve a systems issue which has resulted in some short-haul cancellations and delays from London airports.” They also added “Several flights continue to operate,” and along with that apologized to the passengers due to the disruption that occurred due to the manual system. BA already started to offer the customers who booked flight tickets on Wednesday; BA organized short-haul flights withdrawing from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports. And that gives travelers a chance to rebook their tickets another day in between 8-13.

As expected, passengers got frustrated over this and used their social media accounts to express their anger and feelings. They also posted on social media stating that they demand an answer to the same, and some shared photos showed how passengers are gathering up in the airport after the services have been canceled.

“There is no staff at the airport, we’re in an info queue that isn’t moving,” Anya, a BA passenger wrote on her Twitter.

Another one wrote,

“The only staff around are the duty-free staff, and they’ve been more helpful than anyone at BA. Get your act together #britishairways!”

A Heathrow spokesperson stated that some technical glitches were going on behind this issue.


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