Full Stack Audit | Clothing That Carries History | The Epoch London


The Epoch London is a sustainable, vegan and handmade clothing brand. Every garment The Epoch produces is authentic and unique with a timeless aesthetic. I am a big fan of the brand personally and have been following them for a while. Their skirt from “The Young Sheperd” collection is on my purchase wishlist!


At Furlough, we will be looking into their marketing strategies across all channels and giving recommendations as to how they can grow their business in our Full Stack Audit!


The Epoch’s Instagram presence is very strong and has seen a lot of organic growth. 

The Instagram feed is a great platform for The Epoch to display their beautiful imagery and products. 

It is great to see that they have utilised the highlights function properly with:

  • An about page
  • FAQs
  • How to order tutorial
  • Q&A
  • You and Epoch (user generated content section).


There is a lot of opportunity in terms of how The Epoch can maximise their website. The overall look of the site and functionality could be optimised to become as good as the stunning clothing designs that The Epoch produces. Here are some suggestions as to how The Epoch could get more out of their website design:


  1. The landing page takes up too much white space / real estate with no information or call to actions that would help the customer. 
  2. The “about” information should be front and center on the landing page to help customers understand more about the business and its function. 


  1. The home menu doesn’t scroll with the user which will make it harder for customers to navigate the site
  2. There is no “back to top” scroll function. Without this function in place the customers will spend less time on the site because they have to do more legwork trying to get to specific areas on the site. 
  3. Their photography is really lovely, however I question whether the images could be optimised for large scale viewing without the image becoming pixelated 


To further maximise sales opportunities through their website I would suggest that The Epoch create a pinterest page and link each product image to the pinterest. Potential customers can click on the pinterest image and then they will be directed straight to the product they are looking for.

Additionally, If The Epoch were to add their Instagram account to their website with a photographic grid which updates automatically, it will make the customer experience better and encourage more purchases. 




In terms of SEO there is a huge opportunity to leverage different strategies which will grow the business. 


As you can see from the below images the desktop loading time is fantastic but the mobile loading time can be improved. 


Why is this important? 


If a site takes a long time to load it decreases the overall customer usability and experience. This will cause a higher drop off rate and missed out sales. Consumers have lower attention spans than ever so it is important to optimise this experience factor as much as possible. 

Below is a breakdown of The Epoch’s top pages, along other SEO insights such as backlinks.

There are currently 43 backlinks which relate back to their website. 

The Epoch should aim to increase the number of backlinks through:

  • Influencer blogs
  • PR opportunities
  • Press Coverage


The reason backlinks are an important consideration in SEO is because the higher the number of backlinks your website gets the more Google will see your site as an authority. Backlinks tell search engines that your website has been mentioned by others.

In terms of technical SEO there are currently 33 critical errors and 24 warnings found in our report. Warnings and Errors will affect the search engine ranking overall, so it is important to smooth these things out and regularly check for new errors which arise. 


There are a number of strategies which the Epoch could implement in terms of getting better conversion rates and sales from their customers and potential buyers. 



Currently, the Epoch do not have a chatbot connected to their site. A chatbot can provide a number of services which positively affect the customer and the business as a whole. 


What can chatbots do?


  • Answer queries and provide customer support
  • Promote deals and offers
  • Provide conversational information about the brand
  • Chatbots can act as a list building strategy
  • Check inventory and suggest recommended items
  • Process return and exchange requests
  • Confirm and track orders
  • collect customer feedback and resolve complaints


Businesses have benefited from Chatbot AI’s in terms of conversion rates by around 36% and this is just a small factor in the grand scheme of strategies that you can implement. 

Exit Popup

An exit intent popup provides a second chance for businesses to regain a potential customer and sale once the customer tries to exit the site. This reduces the bounce rate and will convert a number of customers who were going to abandon the site.


10% to 15% of lost customers can be converted with this method. 


If we take the 10% result and apply it to a business that is turning over £100,000 in sales, the business would miss out on £10,000 in online sales if they aren’t using an Exit Popup. 


Currently, The Epoch has no email or list building strategy in place. Having an email list can save you a lot of heartache if your social media channels are hacked or deleted. This is because you have your current and potential customer details already saved in your own space. Additionally you can drip feed customers campaigns and customize offerings which are in line with your business goals. 


My suggestion to build out this strategy would be:

  1. Create an email form that lives in a prominent area on the website
  2. Use a welcome campaign to nurture leads
  3. Promote campaigns to maximise customer sales and loyalty 



The reason that The Epoch should start a blog section on their website is because it will allow them to rank on search engines for keywords of their choosing. Ranking highly on search engines for different keywords will improve the probability that your customers will find and click on your site. With all of the great photography The Epoch already has this is a strategy that could be implemented straight away.

Here are some blog post ideas:

  1. Customer spotlight
  2. Behind the scenes
  3. About the designer
  4. The design process
  5. A day in the life of a sustainable designer
  6. Information about ethical sourcing
  7. Information about vegan fashion


Facebook Ads

The Epoch aren’t running any Facebook Ads. There are some great benefits when you implement this including the ability to reach your exact target audience. For example: you can target exact age ranges, interest, location and behaviors presented by your target customers. Engaging with Facebook ads provides opportunities for growth and exposure. 

Across all industries the conversion rate for Facebook Ads sits at 9.21%

Facebook Pixel

Another great thing you can pair with Facebook Ads is a Facebook Pixel. This piece of code allows Facebook to make your ads even more relevant by taking information about people who visit and take actions on your site. The more targeted and precise you can get with your strategies, the better the outcome will be.

The Epoch has huge potential to develop a cult following and fanbase. Their designs are absolutely beautiful and the quality is there. With a bit of Tweaking and development to their marketing strategy this brand definitely has a long term future in the fashion space. 

The Epoch London Plan of Action

  1. Improve website functionality
  2. Optimise mobile site loading time
  3. Increase the number of backlinks that refer to the site
  4. Correct critical errors and warnings on the site
  5. Implement chatbot integration
  6. Implement an exit intent popup
  7. Create and implement the email strategy 
  8. Start writing blog posts to boost SEO ranking
  9. Implement Facebook Ads
  10. Install a Facebook Pixel