Full Stack Audit | Cafe Growth Secrets with Cairngorm Coffee


Hospitality is a fiercely competitive industry. Due to lockdown being lifted in the UK establishments have the opportunity to supercharge their marketing strategy to attract old and new customers. We take a look into Cairngorm Coffee, a cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland and assess their marketing efforts in this Full Stack Audit.

If you would like to learn more about Full Stack Marketing and how it can benefit you, check out our guide. 

Social Media

Cairngorm Coffee’s instagram is well put together. 

They have a clear visual presence and have utilised Highlights along with the shopping feature on Instagram. They take advantage of user generated content and their photography has a very human element to it. They are also present on other platforms such as Tik Tok, Youtube and even a podcast which they started in Lockdown. 


One thing they may want to refine is their bio. To new potential customers passing by, they could become confused as to whether Cairngorm is a coffee shop or just a coffee wholesaler. 



Cairngorm Coffee’s website should be their biggest area of concern. Although the overall website design is visually appealing, there are aspects that definitely need attention. 


Here you can see an overview of information from our site audit: 

If you compare the desktop loading time to mobile you can see that the mobile website needs some optimisation for better user experience. By doing this it will ensure customers aren’t discouraged whilst on the go and trying to find them. 

After crawling the site, we have found the following issues:

In total there are 83 pages on the website that have issues which is more than half of the total website pages. By fixing these, Cairngorm will be seen as a higher authority site and rank better within Google. 


Here are the issues in regards to their website pages:


  1. The link to their blog page is broken.


  1. Adding more content within blog posts will result in better SEO. Writing specific articles with information about the coffee their offer will help rank Cairngorm much higher in Google, meaning that their products will have better exposure to coffee loving customers. 


  1. Their current landing page is using a different web address from their main site. On the first landing page it gives customers a separate link to click on. This alone will cause a larger drop off rate, losing potential customers and sales.


Additionally, the separate web address will result in losing backlinks to their main site. Backlinks are other websites who mention Cairngorm Coffee, meaning the site will not have the ranking benefits from backlinks acquired over time.


  1. Currently, the above pages are showing low word count. On the site there are 73 pages with low word count in total. 


Why is this important?


2200 words per page is the average word count for pages that rank on the first page in Google. If Google does not know what your content is about, it cannot rank for the words you are targeting. 


  1. 3 pages have a URL that is formatted poorly for SEO.


Things Cairngorm could use on their site to improve sales and customer acquisition:


  • They are not utilising chatbot integration. 

Did you know: Chatbots can help businesses save up to 30% on their customer support costs. 


Hospitality businesses can use chatbots for a variety of uses such as: 

  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Event and offers promotions
  • Reservations
  • Food ordering
  • List building


  • They don’t have an Exit Popup.

Implementing an exit popup will increase customer conversions by around 10%. So if you were doing £100,000 in online sales you miss out on £10,000 in sales if you aren’t using an Exit Popup. 


  • Shop Improvement 

The shop section could be optimised for easy navigation with clear product names. If Cairngorm wanted to go the extra mile they could also set up a monthly coffee bag subscription service which would allow for another income stream. 


Currently, Cairngorm has not utilised targeted paid advertising on Facebook. Creating the right kind of ads could really help their overall customer growth. 

The average conversion rate for Facebook ads across all industries is 9.21%.


Cairngorm Coffee has an opportunity to maximise sales in their online store and increase new customers by using facebook ads in a strategic manner.



Cairngorm has a small, nondescript newsletter sign up function at the bottom of their home page. 


Making a bigger feature of this will help capture customers details, particularly those of an older demographic. Even after signing up to the newsletter there is no email blast with a welcome series. Including this as a strategy will help with retention and open rates. 


Overall, as a brand Cairngorm has a clear visual presence and good product offering. In terms of their marketing strategy, they have lots of potential to improve and in doing so, will result in higher revenue.


Cairngorm Coffee Plan of Action:

  1. Update instagram bio
  2. Fix the SEO Issues mentioned along with the web address
  3. Work on the blog
  4. Utilize integrations such as a chat bot and exit popups. 
  5. Improve the shop experience for customers
  6. Build a welcome email series and position the email sign up in a more prominent place on the website
  7. Create facebook ads targeting customers for your upcoming goals. This could be to get more online sales or encourage new customers to visit the cafe.