Full Stack Audit | Inside The Wine Industry with Mistral


Mistral is an independent wine shop situated in the heart of Leith, Edinburgh. They source and stock a large range of wines from around Europe and further afield. At Furlough, we will be looking into their marketing strategies across all channels and giving recommendations as to how they can grow their business in our Full Stack Audit!

If you would like to learn more about Full Stack Marketing, check out our guide. 

Social Media

I love the branding and colour scheme that Mistral have used for their business on their Instagram account. It is really fresh and works well with the photography on their feed. They have developed a minimalistic look which is mirrored in their shop interior and layout. 

We have some suggestions as to how Mistral could use their Instagram account to its full potential:

1. Promote user generated content.
User generated content will help spread the word about the brand whilst cultivating a loyal following. 

  1. Utilise highlights section

The highlights section on Instagram is a great way to introduce new customers to crucial bits of information which relates to the brand. Here are some categories to add: 

  • About page
  • Wine highlights page
  • Wine education information
  • Video content with a shop tour
  1. There is no video content of the shop or products.

Did you know that video content tends to get more engagement? Approximately 74% of marketers believe that video has a better return on investment than static imagery. 


Currently, Mistral has not implemented any Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads would be useful to the brand as across all industries the conversion rate sits at 9.21%. As a strategy, Mistral could run ads for yearly events such as Valentines Day or in the run up to Christmas. If they provided a wine hamper as an offering, I believe this would do well as a campaign.

Facebook Pixel 

Upon looking at Mistral’s site there is no Facebook Pixel listed. A Facebook Pixel is an analytics code which allows businesses to retarget users with Facebook ads in the future.

Did you know: Retargeting ads beat all other ad placements with a 1046% efficiency rate. 


As you can see there are currently 15 technical SEO issues which relate to Mistral’s website. 


We have tracked that there are currently no backlinks referring to Mistral’s website. 

Why is this important?

A backlink is when another site or publication links back to your business site. This means more exposure for your brand along with making Google think that your site is important. This means Google will give you a higher priority in the search result ranking.

Backlinking strategy:

Connect with suppliers, client businesses, tourism pages and other publications to increase backlinks to your site.

Page usability

As you can see by the screenshots above the page usability needs to be improved for mobile and tablet use. This will reduce the customer drop off rate. Potential customers don’t want to stick around if there is difficulty navigating your site. 

Upon doing a word count, the volume of text on their site is low. Search engines like google will look at this and interpret it as “thin content.”  In general, a higher text volume on a website will result in it ranking better on search engines. 

Page Text Volume

There are some pages on the site which have a low volume of text content. Search engines will interpret this as “thin content” and therefore the site will not be given priority. The research shows that higher text content volumes are related to better ranking ability. You should be aiming for around 2000 words per page. 

Upon viewing the site in general, I would suggest that the website could be developed greatly in terms of content. 


There is no blog on the site meaning this business is missing out on the opportunity to rank for important keywords relating to their business. 

Here are some blog post ideas for this site:

  • Tasting notes for the best selling wine
  • How the wines are sourced
  • How to choose wine for occasions e.g. dinner party, wedding etc.
  • Ethical sourcing information

There is currently no chatbot integration on the site. 

Chatbots are a great source of automation which provides scalability for customer service along with many other benefits:

  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Event and offers promotions
  • Food ordering
  • List building
  • Complaint resolutions
  • Question resolutions

According to AI Multiple, businesses claim that chatbots have increased sales by 67% on average.

Exit Popup

There is also no exit popup integrated within the site. Exit intent popups will reduce the checkout abandonment rate. Customer conversion rate increased by around 10% with this strategy. This means that if Mistral were doing £100,000 in online sales they would miss out on £10,000 in sales if the exit popup isn’t integrated into the site. 


Email and newsletter offerings will enable Mistral to build a list of their customers, especially customers of an older demographic who may not be using social media sites. I would suggest integrating a confirmation email along with a welcome series campaign to generate leads and sales. Alongside this email marketing will let the business track prospects and score interest levels. With this information the business will be able to make better marketing and campaign decisions. 

Extra Strategies to support this brand:

  • Running tasting events and demonstrations to increase sales and interest.
  • Offering a monthly, bi monthly or annual wine subscription.
  • Cross promoting with a cheese monger and putting together luxury hampers as an upsell.
  • Collaborating with local restaurants offering wine and food pairings. They can both cross promote these offerings on their respective social media sites. 

Mistral Plan of Action

  1. Promote user generated content.
  2. Utilise Instagram highlights.
  3. Create and distribute video content campaigns.
  4. Publish Facebook ads relating to the goals of the business along with installing Facebook Pixel on the website.
  5. Correct technical SEO issues.
  6. Execute backlinking strategy.
  7. Fix the page usability for mobile and tablet devices.
  8. Increase page text volume.
  9. Develop Mistral’s blog.
  10. Integrate chatbot.
  11. Integrate exit popup.
  12. Instal an email feature along with relevant campaigns.
  13. Implement the extra strategies when appropriate.