Full Stack Audit | Outstanding Antiques At Home With Ally


Home With Ally is a company in Wolverhampton, UK, who handpaints and repurposes vintage, shabby chic and antique furniture. Her work is absolutely stunning and her company has too much potential to thrive. Here at Furlough, we have analysed at Home With Ally in our Full Stack Audit and have provided key insights to help grow this brand.

If you would like to learn more about Full Stack Marketing and how it can benefit you, check out our guide. 


Social Media

In terms of their Instagram presence they have given potential customers a great first impression.  With clean photography and consistent minimalistic feed, their products really stand out. 

To optimise this first impression even more and further increase the chances of getting sales Home With Ally could do the following: 

  1. Utilise Highlights

Highlights can be used to give the following information, resulting in a better customer experience:

  • An “about the business” highlight.
  • Virtual tour of your workspace with behind the scenes footage. 
  • A showcase of your best work.
  • Client written and video testimonials. 


I can see that the business is using Reels for video content which is fantastic. Video tends to get the best engagement on social media in general. Perhaps Home With Ally could reporpse the content for Tik Tok. There is a strong community of interior designers and home decorators on that platform so you can target more potential customers there without any additional intense workload.


  1. Promote User-generated Content

User generated content will help you cultivate a strong online following and bring more exposure to your brand. 


  • Encourage your customers to post interior photos with your furniture in the photo.
  • Repost your content which people have regrammed to their own accounts to create hype around your products.  


Site usability is really important for businesses as your site acts as a first impression to potential customers. If the site isn’t optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop, you will find a higher customer drop off rate which will result in decreased sales.

As you can see the desktop loading time has a good score of 2 seconds in loading time. However, when you look at mobile this has not been optimised and therefore has a loading time of 7 seconds. 

Technical SEO

Currently the Home With Ally website has 45 critical errors and 41 warnings for technical SEO. These errors are detrimental if they are not revised and solved and will impact how high you can rank on search engines. 

One of these errors is that 24 pages on the site have a low word count. Search engines will see this as “thin content” and not prioritise the site. In general, 1500 words is a good goal to aim for in terms of word count as the sites listed on the first page of Google tend to have that many words. 

There is a blog but it is not regularly updated.
By implementing keyword research and analysing what words you would like to rank for on search engines you can create blog content which will help you gain more exposure. 

Here are some blog content ideas:

  • Interior design tutorials and information
  • Sideboard styling tutorials
  • Client interior showcase
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Craftsmanship content
  • Interior trends which relate to your business
  • Wood and antique furniture care
  • Antique furniture shopping tips
  • Antique furniture history content


Home with Ally currently has 9 backlinks in total. This is a good start but ideally we would like to see more of this. By obtaining backlinks it will let search engines know that your site is of value and will subsequently view the site as one with higher authority. 

How to obtain more backlinks:

  • Liaise with suppliers and clients.
  • Guest post on other blogs and relevant business sites that relate to your industry.
  • Obtain press coverage (there are lots of ways to do this and gain positive PR for very little or no money).
  • Use your contacts within the local business space and cross promote.
  • Team up with an interior designer and try to get your furniture featured in a show home. 


There is a chatbot which is being used to listbuild customer information. It is fantastic that this company is tapping into new technology solutions. This chatbot could be developed to do other tasks on top of that such as:

  • Collect and update customer details.
  • Provide product information.
  • Provide customers with promotional information and offers. 
  • Inform the customer of the working hours of the business

Exit Intent Popup 

There is no exit intent popup installed on the site. If an exit intent popup is integrated onto the site, this will reduce the checkout abandonment rate considerably. The conversion rate for exit intent popups brings an increase of around 10%. This means if Home With Ally turned over £100,000 in sales they would be missing out on £10,000 in sales without an exit popup. 


There does not appear to be a newsletter or newsletter popup. An email with a newsletter will enable Home With Ally to tap into customers of an older demographic who may not want to use social media. 

By adding this along with a welcome series campaign it will generate more leads and sales. Email marketing allows businesses to score interest levels and track prospects preferences. This will lead to better marketing and campaign decisions. For example: Strategically creating an offer campaign and tapping into recurring yearly events through email marketing.


Currently there are no facebook ads being implemented by Home With Ally. The conversion rate of Facebook ads is 9.21%. By running targeted campaigns that are relevant to the overall business goals Home With Ally will make significant gains. 

They can also implement a Facebook Pixel on their website which is an analytics code. This code allows businesses to retarget users through Facebook Ads in the future. 

Retargeting ads are the winner, beating all other ad placements in efficiency ratings (1046%).

Home With Ally Plan of Action 

  • Create an Instagram Highlights Section.
  • Promote and repost user-generated content.
  • Repurpose Instagram Reels to be released across Tik Tok.
  • Optimise the website usability.
  • Fix technical SEO issues.
  • Increase the word count of the relevant website pages.
  • Conduct keyword research for SEO.
  • Update the blog regularly.
  • Execute a backlinking strategy.
  • Increase the chatbot functionality.
  • Instal an exit intent popup.
  • Create an email with a welcome series.
  • Plan and execute email campaigns.
  • Implement Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Instal the Facebook Pixel on the website for retargeting.