Full Stack Audit | Unorthodox Coffee Roasters


Unorthodox Coffee Roasters Specialises in single origin, no blend beans using CO2 neutral packaging. Based in Kinross, Scotland, their coffee is sourced from plantations around the world, many of which the owners have personally visited, such as Sumatra, Indonesia. These guys are the real deal!

Being a fellow coffee lover and previous owner/marketer of a multi-award winning cafe myself, I love when businesses are passionate about creating high quality, ethical products.

I have shortlisted Unorthodox Roasters to receive this Full Stack Audit, which takes a deep dive into their business. I have included many marketing strategies and a plan of action they can use to grow their business to its full potential.

If you want to find out more about Full Stack Marketing and how essential it is for business success, read our guide here. 


I am impressed to see a business in Kinross finding their feet on Instagram and building up a following like this. The imagery within their feed is beautiful and maintains a consistent aesthetic which relates to their brand.

I am also pleased to see that they are utilising the Highlights section on their main page. A lot of businesses miss out on the opportunities that can come from using this function. 

There are a few Highlight categories I would suggest that Unorthodox Roasters use to build on this further:

  • About us
  • Ethics
  • Behind the scenes
  • Best Sellers


Top tip: Using video content within Instagram Stories provides better engagement from viewers overall.



I am pleased to see that Unorthodox has 192 backlinks to their site so far. A backlink is when a website refers back to your site with a link. Collecting these backlinks will force Google to see your site as an authority and it will then push your website higher up on the search engine. 


With a website loading speed of 1.99 seconds, this is under average. Due to consumers having increasingly short attention spans it is important that the website experience is smooth and as fast as possible. This will decrease drop off rates within the site.


Here is a list of the technical SEO issues which have been found on the site. The ones labeled in red are critical issues, whereas yellow means a warning.

The key is to fix these issues because leaving them will mean that Google won’t take the site seriously, pushing it down in the search results. 


Unorthodox Roasters do have a small blog on their website. Building this out further with more content is something they should aim to do because it will allow them to rank on search engines for keywords of their choosing.

If they manage to rank highly on Google with keywords their customers are searching for, it means the probability that they will click on their site significantly increases.

This is something they could easily implement right now as an SEO strategy which would also build authority and credibility within the coffee space.

Here are some blog post ideas they could use:

  1. Customer spotlight.
  2. Behind the scenes.
  3. The roasting process.
  4. What it was like visiting the countries where their coffee is sourced.
  5. A barista recommends.
  6. Information about ethical sourcing.
  7. Information about different types of coffee.
  8. What are tasting notes?
  9. The difference between single origin and blends.
  10. Robusta vs Arabica beans.


The website overall is clean, with beautiful, clear imagery which catches the eye. It is quite easy for anyone to navigate but there are a few integrations that Unorthodox Coffee Roasters can implement to increase sales within the website. These consist of the following:


The navigation menu on the site currently does not scroll with the viewer. This means that the viewer will have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to switch pages. A sticky menu is fixed to scroll with the viewer and remains visible at all times.

According to Smashing Magazine, Sticky menus are 22% easier to navigate than their counterparts. This can result in a more positive user experience because the customer can find what they are looking for in a shorter timespan.


When a customer exits your website you have lost an opportunity. You can actually capitalise on these last few seconds before a customer leaves and turn it around. You can tailor exit intent popups to align with your business goals, whether that’s capturing emails to remarket to customers later or reminding them that they still have an item in their cart. 


According to Campaign Monitor top performing exit intent popups have almost a 10% conversion rate.


Providing top customer service solutions can really set your business apart.

A chatbot allows you to provide the following:

  • 24 hour customer service. 
  • Product and business information.
  • Act as a list building tool.
  • Relay offers, events and promotions to the customer

    Integrating these extra features will make your business look and function more professionally. 


There are a variety of products within the shop that you could put together in an effort to move more stock.

The following could be implemented:

  • Event specials (valentines etc.)
  • Hampers
  • Equipment bundles: “Beginners coffee kit,” “The tea lovers toolkit” or “The ultimate home brewer.”


There is no newsletter attached to the site. I can’t express enough how important it is to have this implemented. Many business owners don’t realise the power of email marketing and how it can change e-commerce businesses for the better.

With a newsletter you can increase your customers lifetime value by integrating certain campaigns to increase the number of purchases a customer makes.

You can capitalise on major holidays, reward loyalty, nurture potential customers and decrease your customer acquisition cost.

With email marketing you can collect a wealth of information about your customer base. With specific data like purchase histories, preferences, engagement rates and demographics you are able to segment and tag customers for personalised campaigns. 

This means accurate decision making and better results in the e-commerce space.


There is currently one Ad on Unorthodox Roasters Facebook site which looks like a post which has been boosted. 

In terms of the creatives of this ad, the imagery is nice and minimalist. My one suggestion is that to increase engagement videos and slideshows tend to perform better.

For example: A video of the coffee beans getting roasted, being put in the bag and then the making of a fresh cup of coffee would work extremely well. When you are advertising you should focus on the emotions and senses that you want to convey to the customer.

Another thing they could do is to install a Facebook Pixel onto their website. A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that collects data which helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, then it optimises the ads and builds targeted audiences for future ads to remarket to people who have taken action on the website.

Unorthodox Coffee Roasters has great potential to scale their company and become a huge player in the coffee e-commerce space. I’m excited to see what’s next for them!


  1. Create more highlight categories for Instagram Stories.
  2. Get more backlinks from high authority sites.
  3. Fix technical SEO issues. 
  4. Develop the blog.
  5. Implement a sticky menu.
  6. Install exit intent popup.
  7. Install a chatbot. 
  8. Add upsell bundles to the shop.
  9. Create an email newsletter and install a call to action to join on the website.
  10. Create an email Welcome series.
  11. Create email remarketing campaigns.
  12.  Implement more Facebook Ads.
  13.  Install a Facebook Pixel on the site.