Capturing the Story of Photographer Dereck Arencibia | @Derecksupreme


This Miami-born photographer went from working a boring 9-5 job, to running his own Marketing agency managing over 25 accounts and doing work with Nike, Miller Lite, and some of Instagram’s most popular models.

Don’t quit your 9-to-5 unless you’re ready to work 24-7

Growing up in Miami, Florida

Dereck Alexander Arencibia (@derecksupreme) was born on May 29th, 1996 in Miami, FL. Growing up in his city, he came to love that there are so many creatives. Although, people are all more focused on their own projects.

He would like to see more photographers and other creatives working together towards a common goal more.

Passion for Photography 

An influencer in the photography niche, Dereck started photography about 5 years ago. He picked up a camera during the time he was working a boring 9-5 job.

His passion for photography quickly grew and he slowly started to venture into videography. Currently, he has clients in both videography and photography spread throughout the U.S.


The Battle to Escape 9-5 Work

For two years, Dereck struggled a lot to make ends meet. He was eating the same food every day, walking almost 2 miles just to talk to some local businesses to try to get more bookings.

In fact, there were two separate occasions in the early years of his career that he had to go back to a 9-5 job. He was determined to continue working on his side-hustle with photography.

Once I finally learned the logistics of how to make more money doing what I do, I finally was able to make a substantial amount of money per month with only 5-10 local clients.

Dereck eventually ended up making all the right connections he needed in the industry. His company now offers services in SEO, Content Creation, Social Media Management, and Advertising. 


Running a Successful Marketing Business

Dereck has his own company that manages over 25 accounts in Miami & Los Angeles! It took him 5-6 years roughly just to be able to get to this point in his career.

Collaborations his company has had include Nike, Miller Light, The Billionaires Club, and SLS hotels. He has his sights on working with brands such as Off White, because Virgil is leading the innovation of men/woman clothing right now.  

It would be an honor to incorporate street photography with the luxury of Louis Vuitton. And make an instance campaign because really where are the people wearing his clothes? On the streets.

He tells Furlough he is very blessed to be where he is now.


What is Next for @Derecksupreme?

One day, Dereck sees himself traveling the world with his wife and creating amazing photos for different types of women across the world. 

He and his wife plan to style all of their own shoots and eventually create an app where one can log specific shoot locations, outfits, and colors for shoots & schedule times. Dereck has had this idea for years and is excited to finally be executing it!

To follow more of Dereck’s work you can check him out on Instagram @derecksupreme and Twitter @Dereckshoots.

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