Your solution for the remote hiring of elite talent.
Let us handle sourcing, vetting and coordination of talent that’ll grow your business.
Phi Careers offers services from pre-screening to interviews and all the paperwork in between.
Don’t waste time filtering candidates. We’ll streamline the recruiting process and let you focus on your business. Meet with only top talent that’ll take your business to new heights.
Why Phi Careers?
Flexible staffing, choose from full time and part time staff to suit your requirements.
Affordable costs for professionals with a proven track record.
Complete hiring solution that empowers you to focus on growth.
We handle the hard work so you can focus on what’s important.
Enjoy seamless and stress-free recruitment process without breaking the bank.
Scale the right way with Phi Careers
Tap into Furlough’s network of professionals and let our team of recruiters assist you in acquiring your next great talent.