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There’s a reason why we’re one of the most inclusive

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Furlough’s innovating approach builds your competence and confidence with our rich learning environment.


Team up with other professionals in your niche on projects, start a new project or join an existing one.


Work with peers on your problems, receive help and be held accountable to your work. Ranging from 1 on 1 to big team sessions.


Share your ideas and receive feedback from professionals from all across the globe. Connect and network at our daily meet ups.

What is Furlough?

  • Mastermind sessions held every weekday to encourage continued growth in your ventures.
  • Network with global professionals, build relationships and get results.
  • Build your influence, cross promote, and gain exposure with community resources.
  • 24/7 Voice channels and team environments for collaborating on projects and campaigns.
  • Loyalty incentives and exclusive access for community leaders and proactive members.
  • Accelerate your start up or gain experience working on our vetted community projects.

Areas of Focus


Instant results and traffic to your brand Whether you are advertising on social Media or on the search engines. Gain Insights and ideas on how this can help you.

SEO & Remarketing

From Public Relations to content marketing we focus on building a brand’s name. While nurturing an audience and encouraging them to come back.

Social Media

Building your brand awareness, nurturing an audience, building loyalty, and encouraging advocacy across multiple social channels.

Furlough TV

Join our live sessions every weekday where we hold discussions, panels, workshops, think tanks, interviews, Industry insights, and group philanthropy.

Project Marketplace

Feature your projects and find members Within our community using our marketplace to receive help, team up, or just bounce ideas.

Furlough Media

Looking for experience or to build your resume? Come learn by working on Our projects! Teams are made of volunteers within the community.


Well, we’re all fans… listen to what a few of ours have to say.


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best offer

  • Access to our community
  • Entry to our daily stand up session
  • Entry to our daily mastermind session
  • Access to education sessions
  • Network with other members
  • Use of feedback channel for insights
  • Collaborate with other members

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  • Everything in gold package
  • 1 on 1 business optimization session
  • Access to weekly mastermind
  • Business/brand audit
  • Ongoing Strategy Consulting
  • Platinum Badge and Access
  • Press release on

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best offer

  • Everything in freshman package
  • Gold Badge and Access
  • Access to VIP Text Channel
  • Access to VIP Voice Channel
  • Access to premium Voice Chat
  • Listed as a Featured Project
  • Access to Furlough Marketplace

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