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The Best Girlfriend Getaway Ideas | Tips and Destinations

A girlfriend getaway can be a great release from a stressful job, home life, job or life in general. Here you will find 5 amazing girlfriend getaways.



Why Travel Companies Should Be Marketing to Xennials.

The xennial generation is a micro-generation, composed of people born from 1977-1985. Xennials identify with qualities of both the millennial generation and also with gen x. What does this mean for the travel industry? That xennial travelers are the best mix of both generations and therefore make an ideal target customer.


Why St. Croix is the Perfect Post-COVID Vacation?

Are you a xennial looking for the perfect post-COVID vacation spot? Or maybe you are an influencer interested in the US Virgin Islands. Do you feel the need for sand in your toes and wind in your hair? Then you need to visit St. Croix for your upcoming vacation.