The Official Mascot for Furlough

Meet $DAOWL, a meme titan that’s charging head-first into the meme battle grounds, starting with the Solana ecosystem. The Daowl is the wise leader of a conscious group of professionals that collaborate within the Furlough ecosystem. With its wings sharped by the blockchain that’ll send shockwaves throughout the crypto space, $DAOWL isn’t just another token — it’s a declaration of authenticity. This conscious creature was born in the depths of doing right by people. In a world of collaborations that seems to lead to a zero sum game, the DAOWL is here to set a new standard where everyone wins. With the Daowl leading this group of conscious professionals we can finally say that we are all going to make it. Rally behind the $Daowl the undisputed mascot of the Solana meme sphere. We’re not here to take part but simply to take over. Welcome to the next era of collaboration.

Mint & Freeze
Total Suppy
How to buy?
1. Download Phantom

Install Phantom Wallet on Chrome or the App Store, and create a new wallet.

2. Get some SOL!

Buy SOL from the Phantom Wallet or use an exchange like Coinbase to deposit into your wallet.

3. Buy some BULL!

Via Raydium, swap your SOL for $BULL tokens using the official contract address.

4. You’re DONE!

You are now a proud FREN of BULL! Strap on the BULL because we are flying to the moon!

$DAOWL was created for educational purposes and holds no intrinsic value. Please refrain from spending any money you cannot afford to lose. The token’s price is subject to fluctuation; it may rise or fall. We do not bear responsibility for the token’s price movement.