Digging into Kaitlyn Plowman | @kaitlynplowman


It’s time to get to know a little bit about Kaitlyn Plowman. You’ve probably seen her before on Instagram and Twitter with the username @kaitlynplowman. Born on July 24th, 1998 in Albany New York but migrated over to Miami, FL. She is on the fence about what her next destination is and it is between Colorado or California. When it comes to Miami she loves the fast pace of the city, always new opportunities to connect and grow. She dislikes some of the ignorance displayed through individuals and sadly, it upsets her the number of homeless people there are.

She’s sort of just like any other young girl whose sort of lost in life right now, not sure where to go or what to do. She finds out most about herself through traveling and seeing different places. She moved here with the intention of getting better in touch with herself and more importantly, to just live while she enjoys it. She went through a dark period of depression recently that really took a huge toll on her and all she wanted to do now is take back her life. Make it one that she loves every single day. 

She’s extremely confident, friendly and outgoing so making new friendships and connections has never been too hard for her. She’s trying to grow in all aspects here, fitness, modeling, intellect, you name it. There’s always something she’s working towards and even though she doesn’t quite know what that is, it doesn’t stop her from trying to find it. A few months back she relapsed in her depression, really hard too. She woke up every day angry that she woke up, and she knew that wasn’t her. She knew that wasn’t the life she was meant to live. She found strength through alone time, meditation and connecting with herself in knowing that all emotions, feelings and times are temporary. We would never know the feeling of happiness if we never experienced unhappiness, and that’s something she always had to remind myself. Instead of drowning in her pain and misery, She tried to see it in a way of ‘what is this teaching her and how can she grow?’ It’s always going to be a struggle but it’s a struggle that I know she will rid of one day soon.

We wanted to know where she would be 10 years from now and this is a question that she’s never been able to answer. She’s never been someone with long term goals and that used to stress her out a lot. She found comfort in knowing that she doesn’t have to know what she wants to do years from now, but instead focus on her small milestones from day to day or week to week that she would like to achieve. Wherever she is in 10 years she knows it will be full of love, happiness, wealth and abundance

She’s generally an open book, she lets a lot of people get to know the real her. But she’d say most people don’t know that she can surf and that she also hasn’t finished school yet. Even though she isn’t sure if she plans too. She’s worked for Bang energy for the last 2 years which she’s proud to have been a part of since the beginning with them. She’s collaborated with smaller businesses that are eco friendly that seek to bring awareness to our oceans and marine life. But what’s her dream brand to work with? Dolls kill: they are her biggest fashion inspiration in terms of unique and edgy style. 4ocean: as she said, she’s big into marine life and oceans so being able to help clean and rebuild our ecosystems underwater would be a huge success for her. Adidas: for her, in fitness and modeling, that’s the ultimate goal for her is to collaborate with a brand like them.

We asked if she can share one piece one thing directly to her audience, what would it be? She said:
Your mindset and thoughts control everything. I’m so grateful to have learned this at a young age because it’s shown me that you can switch your life around at any point in time. We spend most of our time in our thoughts so it’s important that what we say and put out is positive. Also, although nice cars, jewelry and top of the line items are enjoyable to have, nothing will ever give you the fulfillment such as being kind or giving to others. It could be in a way as small as a smile, but making others happy is always a fueling factor in life & the sense of fulfillment.”


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