Carnage is Set Loose in the first trailer for Venom “Let There be Carnage”


Venom part 1 had it all; fun action-filled sequences, that almost natural comedy from Tom Hardy and his alter-ego, Venom, Riz Ahmed’s almost creepy acting. If anything, you might have expected the producers at Marvel to find it difficult living up to those high standards.

Fans have been anticipating the trailer for Venom 2 for quite some time now. The wait might as well been worth it.  Marvel has officially released the first look at “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and looks like it will take the movie to even greater heights and hopefully, we’ll get to see some more destruction as one of the strongest “Symbiotes” is brought to the fore, enter Carnage! 

Furlough’s Movie Break-Down

The Trailer starts off with Marvel’s Signature opener as Tom Hardy makes his breakfast. His counterpart, Venom, creates a mess of everything by destroying plates, spilling food on the floor, as Tom Hary looks clearly distraught by how his morning just started. That “I say Either, Can I say Neither” had me rolling on the floor. We feel you, Tom Hardy!

Fast forward to Mrs Chen (played by Peggy Lu), we see Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) walking into the store apparently for some snacks. I’m sure Tom Hardy has to do quite some shopping considering how hungry Venom really is.

The next scene takes us to a Maximum Security Prison where the main antagonist, Cletus Kasady (played by Woody Harrelson) is being kept.  “I’ve been thinking about you because You and I are the same”, says Cletus, as our Hero, Eddie arrives to meet him.



Then we see Venom, maybe helping out someone as he uses those big, slimy hands to pick up a thief and maybe, eats him? Venom is hungry as heck!

Eddie is clearly worried about something as we see him analyzing pictures next to his laptop. We also catch a glimpse of Irish Actor Stephen Graham (his character is unknown), as well as the lady of the series, Anne Weying (played by Michelle Williams) having dinner with Eddie.

Secret experiments are still being conducted (like in Venom 1), as we see a glimpse of a big mansion called “Ravencroft”. A girl is being kept in a cage with a sinister look in her eyes. The girl is actually the Marvel Character “Shriek” and is being played by Naomie Harris.

In the next shot, we see what looks like a helicopter, maybe chasing Venom as he climbs up a building. An insane “Acting Sequence” from Woody Harrelson takes us to the next scene where we see him strapped to a bed and he’s injected with some chemicals. Turns out to be a bad decision for those scientists.

The next few scenes are downright ridiculous as the chemicals turn Cletus Kasady into the blood-thirsty, hate-filled, Carnage.

We see Venom pursuing Stephen Graham’s character, Shriek screaming loudly from inside her cage, and Carnage doing what he does best; Destroy the heck out of everything as breaks out of prison, destroys a bunch of cars, and just makes those prison guards look like bugs needing to be squashed! The first look at Carnage is one that defines the symbiote so well. The red-colored beast screams with rage, as tentacles are coming out of his body, Marvel can take my money!

The last scene shows Venom being funny once again with Mrs Chen in the store as the trailer ends with what has to be LITERALLY THE BEST SHOT in the entire trailer; Carnage hanging from a ceiling in front of what appears to be a Church window, his tentacles keeping him in the air.

Directed by Andy Serkis, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is set to release on September 24, in Theaters all over the world.

Let us know what were the best moments of the trailer for you.