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  • Seek advice from other entrepreneurs and experts within your niche;
  • Connect with industry leaders, and enjoy mentorship opportunities;
  • Get constant feedback from others and engage in ways to take your business to the next level;
  • And the best thing – you don’t need capital to join.
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Startups are the engine of innovation and prosperity in the modern world. We value startups and understand their challenges and opportunities as startup founders ourselves.

We want to extend an open invitation to help your startup grow, without spending capital or equity. Furlough community supports startups and digital ventures to excel, collaborate and improve processes.

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The furlough community has truly changed my life path. A previous café owner looking to transition to the marketing space, Furlough has enabled me to cultivate my skills and grow into an email marketer with multiple clients. I will be forever grateful to everyone here for their support and mentorship.

Roslyn Fawns
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