A Space where
Entrepreneurs Thrive
An ecosystem founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
We’re on a mission to reshape the way entrepreneurs build and grow their brands through collaboration.
Enjoy the amazing benefits of connecting and collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs within the community
Enjoy the amazing benefits of connecting and collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs within the community
Connect with entrepreneurs from your niche
Collaborate with others for the best interests of your venture
Seek advice from other entrepreneurs and experts within your niche
Connect with industry leaders, and enjoy mentorship opportunities
Get constant feedback and engage in ways to take your business to the next level
The Furlough Experience
Furlough’s Startup Accelerator
We are on a mission to position startup founders in the best position to be successful
How Furlough supports entrepreneurs
You’re no longer in this by yourself

Join and be in one place with hundreds of capable solopreneurs like yourself. All connecting, collaborating and supporting each other’s ventures and startups in an ecosystem that was designed for your needs
Brand Owners
Traditional Retail is dying. Direct to consumer brands are taking over

Join the community that has a track record of taking digitally native brands from 0 to hero. Our community is filled with elite entrepreneurs like yourself all building, working, and thriving towards the same goals
Startup Founders
Startups are the engine of innovation and prosperity in the modern world

We want to extend an open invitation to help your startup grow, without spending capital or equity. Furlough community supports startups and digital ventures to excel, collaborate and improve processes
Our Work
Supporting the expansion of Icy Tools into a key player in the NFT space through SEO, content marketing & community management
Guardian Boost
From gamer to market dominance with SEO, TikTok ads, Google ads, Website optimization and email marketing.
Berry Beachy Swim
Empowering brand growth through - Email Marketing, Google ads and improved customer value
Scaling up digital engagement through email marketing, social media advertising, SEO, Google ads, and Shopify management.
Diva Boutique
Supporting brand growth via Email marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Marketing strategy
Helping eCommerce brands to make the leap
We support eCommerce brands with top notch marketing workshops dedicated to your brand, free and focused to help you reach your goals
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