From Vision to Victory: Unleashing Success with Entrepreneur Joe Casanova

In the world of entrepreneurship and marketing, success stories serve as a guiding light for aspiring individuals looking to make their mark. One such success story is that of Joe Casanova, a renowned entrepreneur and business leader who has achieved remarkable feats in his career. In a recent episode of our Build in Public Radio […]
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The Journey of Kanwood and the Challenges of Building and Scaling

n the fast-paced world of startups, there are few sectors as dynamic and challenging as Artificial Intelligence (AI). We had the privilege to sit down with Shaun Sidhu, an AI expert and a key player in the AI startup, Kanwood. Shaun shared enlightening insights about the startup journey of Kanwood and the challenges they’ve encountered […]
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Google Ads with Ronand Ildesa | Build in Public Radio

In a recent episode of our Build in Public Radio Show, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ronand Ildesa, an expert in Google Ads. With years of experience in digital marketing, Ronand shares valuable insights on how to effectively leverage the Google Ads platform for your business. In this article, we’ve broken down the interview […]
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