Showcase your Expertise and Win Business Opportunities
Furlough provides a platform to showcase your skills in front of brand owners and startup founders from a place of authority
Where professionals stand out
Furlough’s events bring brands, startups and professionals together in a collaborative environment.
Start Up Program
Furloughs Startup Accelerator is powered by our inner circle of elite entrepreneurs and professionals
Brand Spotlight
Our flagship session where panelists come to provide value, win contracts and empower brand growth
Fireside Chats
Establish your authority within Furlough by sharing your story and experience in front of the community
Panel Discussions
Showcase your expertise and join the inner circle of elite entrepreneurs
Establish your authority and join Furlough Elites to enjoy exposure & growth opportunities
Furlough Elites Benefits
Showcase your skills
Receive the recognition you deserve!

There are incredible people in their field that are far too often not recognized for their contribution. At Furlough, we take pride and spotlighting professionals and their insights.
Connect with Elites
Unlock the power of our ecosystem by becoming a part of Furlough experts inner circle.

“You're the average of the five people spend the most time with” - we invite you to connect with people who will help you reach the top
Win Projects
Our panelists connect with brands and grow their businesses

We are looking for the best panelists and professionals out there, if you can deliver, we will provide you with the stage, the authority and the lead gen to take off
Furlough Weekly
The #1 community driven newsletter for marketers, startups & brands
Experience cutting edge strategies, best practices and current events from within our ecosystem

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