Filemaker the subsidiary of Apple rebranded as Claris International


According to the recent news Filemaker which is a subsidiary of the Apple software said that it is going to change its name as it has made a current acquisition. Filemaker helps business users to create customised applications without the knowledge of computer coding and it will be known as Claris International. It has been a subsidiary of Apple since 1980 is and uses low-code tools so that the work can be made easy for developers.

Claris is no competing against the power apps brought forward by Microsoft and App Maker brought forward by Google. It understands the demand for customised applications which is ever-growing and would like to satisfy the same. The company also understands that there are not enough mobile and web developers out there which is why the need for such customised low-code application makers are growing.

The company also discussed that it has been able to acquire stamplay which is an Italian startup company that helps the app makers get data from the cloud-based programs. It helps in the customisation of the applications so that it is helpful to the mobile and web developers. As for now the terms and conditions have not been disclosed regarding the deal and even the financials are in the confidential stage. Right now the company comprises of 300 people and it has been able to be a profitable institution for the last 20 years. It is still in the expansion mode and the board of directors comprised of a magnanimous autonomy to run the company.

The major motive of the company is to create their own identity as a business to the business platform and they are open to all sorts of acquisition offers and ready to invest heavily as well.

Mark Farthing
Mark was born in Portland and has lived there for most of his life, except for three years of college in New York. He has a degree in International Business and works as an account manager for a well-renowned tech firm in Portland. He's always had a knack for writing and has published several guest articles in magazines, so putting his passion for writing and technology came pretty easy to him. He is very close to his family and when he's not working, they spend their weekends either travelling or spending time together at home.


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