Fly High with our favorite Bird Chelsea Walsh | @thechelseawalsh


Get to know our favorite bird, Chelsea Walsh. Also, known by @thechelseawalsh on your favorite social media channels. Born the day after valentines, February 15th 1991 in Plantation, FL she now lives in South Beach in Miami. When we asked where she is going next she has her eyes set on the Downtown Miami area.

We wanted to know what was it that she loves about Miami so much? She loves how it’s an international hub for the arts, food, fashion, culture and fun. She dislikes the fact that it’s crowded with traffic any time of the day. But the city is amazing and it is annoying but totally doable. She was born in a “smaller town” within south Florida and moved North Fort Pierce/Vero beach area. Her parents thought it was the more “wholesome” experience. She definitely loved having more of a slow paced upbringing, in a quiet area of East Florida. 

From art and catholic private prep to a super intimate liberal arts education at Flagler College. She landed in yet another sleepy beach town, St. Augustine. She had always been very much into writing, dance, art and modeling. She started to really hone in on my personality and aesthetic. Finally south Florida beckoned again, and she went, she started her career. 

First with PR and advertising then IT recruiting and full time modeling. She’s thankful for her growth as an artist, person and professional. Now she calls Miami her home! It’s one of the most exciting cities to be in America. She’s continuing her career in marketing and public relations. She is blessed enough to find time for my love and hobby, modeling. She’d say it’s been a true test of character and an absolute blast. She wouldn’t trade a moment or hardship. 

So where does she see herself in 10 years? She hopes to be among her growing family and partner. Well rooted in her career and creating her sanctuary. Experiencing life to the fullest and traveling every chance I get. A lot of people don’t know this but it turns out that she was classically trained as a ballet dancer from age 4 to 21. She finally stopped dancing around 22-23 when she sadly lost interest and became absorbed by social/college experiences.

Some of her favorite brand collaborations are .Badgley Mischka, Opulence by Miriam Couture, Giannina Azar, Giovanni Scutaro. Her dream brands on the other hand to start is Versace. Versace because once learning more about his life and story from his popular biopic she really respected his art and craft even more. Louis Vuitton is sentimental to her because it was the first designer handbag she owned and chose, so she’d love to be a part of their campaigns. Finally, Good Karma, because it’s a brand that goes around fast fashion factories collecting scrapped materials and repurposing them.

We asked if she could leave any piece of advice to her followers what would it be? She said:

“This isn’t real life, put your phone down and truly go out and experience it. Make in person human connections. It’s that much better.”


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