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Full Stack Audit | Mezcal La Medida a Mexican Drink



Mezcal is a spirit made from agave plant; You probably recognize it because you’ve drunk tequila. Yes, both tequila and mezcal are made from agave, but the type and process are different. If you’re a consumer, the most important difference is the variety of flavors that you can find in a mezcal. Tequila is made just from one type of agave most commonly industrialized, and mezcal is made from 42 different types, and 92% of mezcal is artisanal.  Among the best known are Espadín and Tóbala

MezcalLa Medida” (“the measure”) is a Mexican, artisanal mezcal known for its tradition in preserving the culture of mezcal and putting the producer of mezcal as the center of the project.

Social Media

They are managing two brands together, but it looks separately from each other. A social media plan could help to integrate content and image of all the accounts. For example, Mezcal “La medida” twitter account has few followers and the last tweet was in 2019, they could use this account to promote their store and blog; and integrate Facebook and Instagram accounts instead of the lack of content.  Posting on social media is a DAILY necessity for your business. Mezcal “La Medida” and “Espíritus Místicos” have low presence on Facebook and Instagram they do not have Facebook ads which should be considered in their marketing strategy. 


MezcalLa Medida  has an international presence in 17 countries, but like multiple brands they started without an online campaign and have grown organically adding features according to their necessities.  For example, their webpage, store and blog (1st, 2nd, & 3rd images below) are disconnected from each other.

At first sight it looks unrelated one to the other. It would be recommended to have a brand identity review in web pages, blogs and social media that brings consistency. On the other hand, if they prefer to maintain the brands separately, it would be recommended create their own marketing strategy for each one. 

Although Mezcal La Medida sends us to their own store in Mexico “Espíritus Místicos” it will be recommendable to have links to where to buy in other countries. For example, in the U.S is sold at Astor Wines, Sturnik or Wine Searcher, among others; In Europe at Casa Agave and The Whisky Exchange and more. It is recommendable to promote the stores selling your brand, it helps build backlinks and a SEO strategy. 

With a brand with international presence, and sold in multiple countries the webpage is partially translated to English and Japanese. It is recommendable to have at least a complete version in English. 

They started a blog in February 2021, hosted in “Espíritus Místicos” webpage. The goal of a blog is to reach new customers to the website. However, the blog is disconnected from the store and La Medida webpage. Some issues that could help their site from ranking on Google are: 

  • Adding an HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website relevant to the content instead of multiple and unrelated tags.
  • Adding relevant and unique meta descriptions which provide a description of the website. In this case the description was automatically generated by its content but it is not explaining Mezcal la Medida as a brand. The same happened with “Espíritus Místicos” but in this case 
  • It is important to make a painless experience for the customer visiting on your webpage. Effortless steps like the blog reconnecting with the store make it easier to buy. 

Backlinks are links from a website to another website. To increase the number of backlinks improves the organic search engines and rank better in googleIn the screenshot of Mezcal “la Medida” backlink audit/Keyword rankings they have slow SEO traffic. Unfortunately, the store has no backlink nor SEO traffic. 

For example, mezcal tobala, mezcal drink and mezcal are keyword. Writing a blog using these words and connecting webpage, store, blog and social media could reach new customers. Now imagine including a pop-up remarketing option with a promotion. 


Remarketing is important to be in touch with people who have already visited your website or people interested in your product. It is a strategy that could be used to promote specific products and to offer promotions to your clients.  To have a newsletter subscription page is not enough, it is really helpful to have a welcome email and a chat widget, which allows visitors to have a conversation with a sales representative. Mezcal “La Medida” 


Ecommerce advertising is the practice of paid messages and advertising to promote your products and brand online. Google ads, Facebook Ads, etc. But before starting, it is important to customize your webpage. In the case of Mezcal La Medida, their store and blog, integrate those and create a strategy. 


It is a brand with international presence, sold in multiple countries. This brand has a great history and tradition. International reviews and competitions have ranked it as a recognized mezcal. Nevertheless, they definitely do not have a marketing strategy. “Mezcal la Medida” has grown more organically. Here our plan of Action. 

Mezcal La Medida Plan of Action

  1. Integrate brands Mezcal la Medida with a Store and Blog.
  2. Improve the experience for international customers.
  3. Activate social media.
  4. Correct technical SEO issues.
  5. Write a Blog with specific keywords.
  6. Create an advertising & Ad campaign.