Your Agency, Supercharged
Embarking on the journey of starting an agency can seem overwhelming, particularly for international entrepreneurs striving to match American market rates. This is where Furlough steps in to bridge the gap. We offer more than just a franchise opportunity; we offer expertise.
Build a business, shape a culture and invest in a better future with our Franchisee resources
Dedicated landing pages
Scope of work templates
Project management service templates
Pricing model that allows great margins
Reports with our dynamic reporting templates
Ongoing inbound leads for services
One on one mentorship with our experts
Experts to help you close deals on client calls
A branded Furlough email with your name
Leverage a brand people trust
Shape the Future of Digital Entrepreneurship
We're revolutionizing the marketing industry by adapting a proven franchising model to a new sector. This empowers the next generation of digital professionals to deliver effective services to clients. By franchising with Furlough, you're not just building a business - you're investing in a better future for digital entrepreneurship.
Franchisee revenue
Furlough Commission
Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?
Apply for a Furlough franchise today and get the resources you need to take your agency to new heights. Don't just dream about running a successful business - make it a reality with Furlough.
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How do I apply to become a Furlough Franchisee?
Is prior marketing or agency experience required to join the Furlough Franchise program?
What ongoing support is provided to Furlough Franchisees?
Can I own a Furlough Franchise outside of the United States?
Are there any financial requirements or fees associated with the Furlough Franchise program?