Furlough Feature: André De Mello | Andredemello


André De Mello | @Andredemello was born in the south of Brazil in Porto Alegre and moved to Rio when he was 6 years old. Now, he is 31 and has lived in major cities like Rome, New York and Los Angeles. Currently, he is living in Rio. He enjoys the nature, mountains and beaches of his city, but he wishes it was a safer place to live. 



He is always traveling, and spends much of his time in Spain. He sees moving there in the future. The cities that he loves most in Spain are Barcelona and Madrid.

Film School and Luxury Hotels

When he was in New York, he attended the Film School of New York City. Then, he worked as a television director for travel shows. His show was about luxury hotels. The name was “Hotéis Incríveis,” a show for Brazilian television. He became more involved and learned about the luxury and travel industry. André loves the details, great service and treatment received in the luxury hotels.

André thinks when taking a break from directing TV, he would like to have some freedom for himself to travel around the planet.

His work has been focused on content creation for destinations and luxury hotels. Besides Instagram, he shares content via TikTok

Some Insights


Success is not easy for anybody. André knows that. He said, “I believe life is about overcoming struggles and growing from these experiences. I’ve had many and I’m always learning and hoping to evolve.”

André is an artist at heart. He studied drama and music since a young age. He has been working on a music project as a singer for the past year and is planning to release it next year.



Andre’s portfolio includes luxury brands such as Four Seasons (@fourseasons), Soneva (@discoversoneva), Ritz-Carlton (@ritzcarlton) and several more well-known brands. In the future, he would like to work with fashion brands as well.




He recommends people stay humble, keep learning and treat everyone with respect. He says, “courage is acting in spite of fear.” He reminds us that we all have fears, but we must try to overcome them.


André De Mello can be found on his Instagram page:  @andredemello 

For media inquiries you can email Andre at : hey@andredemello.com