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Giancarlo @giancarlopurch was born in New York on August 2, 2000. He recently moved back to New York, and loves the opportunities you can find every day in NYC. Now that the city is reopening, he’s taking every chance he can get to hop in and continue being active before the scene is oversaturated again. 

We’re excited to introduce you to Giancarlo Purch, also known as Blazendary. Giancarlo is a lifestyle vlogger, streetwear influencer, and entrepreneur.

Giancarlo in New York

Nowadays, Giancarlo runs his own website and a successful YouTube channel, but he got his start closer to home by selling sneakers at local conventions. He recorded his experiences and created tutorial videos. Instead of using his videos to sell, he taught about the process of selling and grew his following through daily videos. In order to create these videos for his audience Giancarlo spent numerous hours researching the market prices of sneakers. 

Collector at Heart

Giancarlo is a collector at heart, with expertise ranging from sneakers to business, and even Pokémon! He collects Pokémon on his second YouTube channel, Blazendary Pokemon.

He overcame the challenges he faced along the way and knew that the rewards would be worth it – and he was right! Now, Giancarlo sells merchandise at his site, https://www.blazendary.com, and continues to create daily content for his YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/blazendary

What’s next for Giancarlo?

Giancarlo has big plans – in ten years, he sees himself in NYC, owning buildings overlooking the city, with a full stock portfolio and a family of his own. 

Giancarlo has worked with companies such @drop_stop.movement and @Sneakercon, and hopes to work with @Nike someday to create his own sneaker.

Staying Positive 

We asked Giancarlo for some words to live by, and he told us “Stay positive, keep your head up king… you have one opportunity to live this life so you better make it count! Don’t be 70 years old wishing you took that leap of faith at 20 years old!”


Want to work with Giancarlo Purch?

For media inquiries, you can get in touch with Giancarlo at: Book@blazendary.com

Find him on Instagram @giancarlopurch and his IG store @blazendary.

Check out his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/blazendary.


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