Furlough Feature with Ava Thompson | @av_thompson


This influencer went from graduating high school without knowing what she wanted to do to now modeling for one of Instagram’s most notable brands ever. 

Ava Thompson (av_thompson) was born on March 6th, 1998 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Still a resident today, she says she loves the city feel and how close she lives to the mountains and the beaches. She could drive an hour and feel like she is in a completely different world.

After graduating high school, Ava was unsure of what she wanted to do. One of the things she knew was she was extremely close to her autistic cousin growing up. This was a big reason for her decision to go to school to study early childhood education with a  minor in special ed.

She had a passion for working with other children with special needs. After a year of doing this though, she started to realize there were other things she wanted in life such as a job that she loved but also made her more money.

Growing up, Ava was the type of girl that loved putting makeup on all of her friends before they went out. She took pride in how she put on makeup for every special occasion. She even did her makeup for her own prom!

It was her passion for makeup artistry that led her to attend beauty school. 

Her modeling career started to pick up extremely quickly after graduating from beauty school. She was getting booked for more and more gigs. In fact, her two primary focuses currently are makeup artistry and modeling.

Ava likes to take each day one at a time and trust that she is on the right path.

I’m young and I’m just going with the flow of life right now, saving and doing the things I love. I believe everything will always work out how it’s supposed to.

She tells us her life could go any which way right now. She could be out in Hollywood doing movie makeup, still modeling, or doing something completely different. Since her life has changed so much in the past year, she can’t even imagine where she could be in five or ten years and that’s her favorite part of life. 

Currently an influencer in the Fashion & Style niche, Ava has had the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty amazing brands such as, @boutinela, @ignite, and @ohpolly. Working with the brands she has always heard of or seen or even shopped from is such a cool feeling.

She dreams of working with bigger and better brands. There are so many she would love to work with that she tells us she can’t choose!

When asked about any advice she would give her followers Ava says, 

Do what makes you happy. You’re always going to have critics. No one is ever going to love everything you wear, everything you post, every dream you chase, but for every critic there will always be people who admire it. You can’t please everyone, so please the one person who will undeniably be in your life forever, yourself!

This influencer has a bright future ahead! To follow Ava more on social media, you can find her on Instagram @av_thompson or twitter @avaa_thompson.

For booking inquiries contact: avathompsonbooking@gmail.com