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We got to know Christie Baumgartner but you may know her as @vsgirl25 on Instagram. She’s a scorpio born on November 13th, 1992. She was born in Miami, FL but now lives in West Palm Beach with her eyes set to eventually land in California. She loves West Palm because everything’s new and clean people. Plus people are nice and she lives close to work. She doesn’t like the fact that there’s zero nightlife.

She always loved fashion since she was little, in fact she always wanted to be a Victoria Secret Model but then as she got older she realized her height would be a factor. Then her brother was always into music and started DJing at an early age which got her into the party life at a young age. Her first Ultra was at the age of 14, her first real Rave Outfit didn’t start till she was 18 at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando for her Birthday. Ever since then she was never the same because she fell in love with rave fashion and the rave scene.

Shortly after Electric Daisy Carnival she started getting really into festival outfits and planning costumes that would make her stand out,  possibly getting her noticed by her favorite Dj’s. Soon enough, she did! By the time she was 23 she had been to numerous festivals, clubs and created a name for herself but she also got a little lost along the way. She had a few toxic relationships that led to toxic drug use. Which then led to years and years of therapy, drug rehab and halfway sober living. This past March she attended Ultra with her mother who is also her best friend. She would design costumes and she would make them. They always wanted to start a business but always fell short with money. 

Her mom owns her own nail salon but it wasn’t enough. Luckily her dad has money to provide. After Ultra this year, they found out she was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma which is terminal brain cancer. At this point, she had four months clean which is the most she was ever able to maintain. She still doesn’t know how she was able to keep sober with such horrible news she’s still having trouble accepting, but she knows she has so much unlocked potential she wants to reach and getting high will not get her there. 

This year for 2020 her goal with 1 year sober is to be consistent. Her dream in the near future is to be a DJ. A lady Gaga fashion DJ. Just imagine if @vsgirl was a badass DJ because she knows she is amazing at anything she puts 150% into. She loves music and fashion more than anything so to combine the two would be magical. She just hasn’t had the chance to do it yet. Her first goal is to get her website up and running. She has so many ideas, costumes, jewelry, bracelets, things she wants to sell and she wants to model her own stuff so her own website is long overdue. 

Once she gets that going then her plan is to enroll in DJ classes and see if that’s what she really wants. All and all she’s in a really good head space and trying my best to be positive for my mom and make her proud. She’s struggled a lot this past year and the best way she overcame it was by talking about it with people she cares and loves. Also, keeping distracted helps as well. What is her goal in 10 years? Her response was priceless “10 years omg how scary I’ll be 36?! Hopefully in a mansion in California with kids, happily married, and successfully DJing.

She loves trance music and rave fashion. She claims she has glitter and beats in my veins. Lamour Allure is a costume creator and she would send Lamour her designs. She would make them if her mom could not. They have over 10 custom outfits. When it comes to dream brands Marinafini and Shopeasytiger. She loves both their style and vibe so much. If she could live in Marinafinis house she would seriously die happy! Easy tigers festival Inspiration is so creative that she loves seeing what she comes up with from the UK.

“Not to compare your success to others especially on social media. It can be very addicting and it’s a bad habit of mine, we are all on our own path & I still struggle comparing myself to other girls on IG but I’m trying my best not too. I’m confident in my style and know I’m different in my own way.”


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