Google hiring need is to be fulfilled by the agave platform


With 2020 shutdown of Google Hire, the Google Hire impending shut of most extensive tech applicant tracking system takes place. It is an excellent opportunity for recent startups to capture the market by introducing more effective tools to help managers who are into the process of hiring. Agave is planning to provide the services, as it has the sponsorship of SV Angel of about $1 million. Box group is also taking further steps in this direction.

Agave is the platform which is proving the services related to hiring and career page. Moreover, It also provides relationship management tools and API services. It also has the two forms paid tier system. The range of advanced services varies from $2 to $6 per month. This offer includes the modified features and functions of e-mail follow services, schedule the interview, and form the offer letter.

These facilities provide satisfaction and a sense of security to the employees. It is building the trust of the majority of the employees on the platform.

Agave is also providing services that are mostly similar to the Google hire platform. Agave has the concentration to serve any number of employees from medium to large industries and business.

The co-founder of Agave, Jared Tame, shared his words with the TechCrunch. He mentioned that after hiring 20 members, the companies stop the referring networks and works on source talent.

Tame also mentioned that he had thought to start the company because of his bitter experience as a hiring manager. Many products available were frustrating and irritating to him.

After the Google Hire platform shutdown also, the agave does not have fewer competitors in this field. The competitors are a lever, with funding of $72.8 million and the Greenhouse, with funding amount of $110.1 million. Presently, Agave is more prevalent among startup companies. They are looking forward to more success in the years to come.

Mark Farthing
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