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10 Great Ways to Get Exercise When You Hate Working Out

Let’s face it, for a lot of us, working out isn’t fun – it’s, well, work. Even if you manage to make it to the gym, how consistent are you? Routine tends to feel old after awhile and that’s the last thing we need when trying to keep ourselves young.

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Furlough Team|Oct 14, 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Behind Likes and Follows with Elisabetta Di Virgilio | @elliemajesty

This influencer went from living in a very small town in central Italy to graduating with a degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Elisabetta Di Virgilio tells Furlough about her biggest passions and how she paid her own way to fulfill her dream of coming to America.

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Furlough Team|Oct 8, 2019

Oct 8, 2019

It’s Hard to Break a Habit | Create New Ones Instead

The choices we make define who we are and when we continue to make the same choices on a regular basis, it becomes etched into our personality. This works well when we make choices that benefit us in some way. 

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Furlough Team|Oct 6, 2019

Oct 6, 2019

The 10 Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Clear Skin

In this article, we have gathered information on the best 10 dietary vitamins and supplements to help clear up skin, calm inflammation, reduce imperfections, and boost radiance. 

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Furlough Team|Oct 3, 2019

Oct 3, 2019

The Type of Poison You Want | Ashley Hernandez @xolilpoison

Ashley Hernandez, better known as @xolilpoison on Instagram, was born and raised in Miami, FL on January 24, 1997. Her niche on Instagram is in fitness and she is currently a Miami Marlins Dancer.

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Furlough Team|Sep 26, 2019

Sep 26, 2019

Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for union.

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Furlough Team|Aug 11, 2019

Aug 11, 2019

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