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6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System – Furlough HealthBytes


Having a Strong Immune System is the Most Powerful Way we can elevate our lifestyle and make sure our body runs smoothly. This system is essentially the “Barracks” for your Body. The processes it runs produces energy for all the resistance your body needs to fight against all sorts of infections and diseases. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you feed it the All-Important Fodder so that it runs at optimum and provides you with the Energy you need to Crush Life! 


1. Take your Proteins & Vitamins Game to the Next Level

Dish containing both Vitamins & Proteins - Brooke Lark

Proteins are a class of molecules that provide the Juice that regulates bodily functions and gives it the energy required to perform some of the most strenuous functions like building and repairing tissues, maintaining the proper fluid and pH balance, and much more! 

You must have heard of Vitamin A, B, C, D? Seems like we’re running down an Alphabetical Rabbit Hole, isn’t it? Vitamins are basically the “Fuel” our bodies need to do even the Most Basic of tasks. From the nurturing and development of cells to healing our wounds, it’s extremely important for your body to have the correct mix of vitamins so it can run smoothly, without any jitters or stutters.

If you have ever been near a person who has been exposed to a disease, let’s say Covid-19, or have experienced it yourself (Hope Not), you must have noticed how Weak their bodies become and how difficult it becomes for them to move around properly, perform daily tasks, and just feel good. One of the reasons that happen is their bodies suffer from a lack of essential vitamins and proteins. To get over that, doctors prescribe them medicines that contain a healthy amount of proteins and vitamins to help with their dietary and nutritional needs. Fish and Meat are one great source of Proteins and Vitamins, but if you’re vegan,  you can consume Vegetables like Beans and Lentils, even Eggs! And if you ever want to ease things up, you can always go to your local Pharmacy and buy yourself some “Supplements” that come Locked & Loaded with all the Essential Vitamins and Proteins your body needs to be at its best and perform like the Champ it is!

2. Regular Exercise 

Person Lifting a Barbell - Victor Freitas


If you’re familiar with the benefits of exercise, it’s a safe bet that they go beyond just providing you with a nice “Ripped Body with 6 Abs” that gets all the girls.

Exercise takes you One Step Further; it increases the blood flow, improves cognitive functions (memory and focus), and also strengthens your antibodies which get an extra jolt of energy to ward off any infections or diseases when the moment arises. 

The fun part is, you don’t need to be able to lift off 20 kgs and do 20 Burpees in a row to have Strong Immunity! Surprised, right? 

It’s as simple as walking a couple of miles per day at a normal pace and Voila! Your body gets the necessary movement it needs to stay strong and perform core functions at its best. You can also try different forms of “Meditation” and what that will essentially do is relax your mind and reduce that stress which will improve bodily functions and make it stronger against anything that tries to harm it. 

3. Sleep, Sleep, and A LOT MORE SLEEP! 

Person Sleeping with a Pillow over his Face - Daria Shevtsova

Now comes something we all are prone to! Good Ol’ Sleep-Time! If Sleep was a job, Human beings would bag in Employee-of-the-Month Awards LITERALLY ALL THE TIME! 

But beyond the relaxation and simple serenity Sleep provides, it actually does a lot at ensuring our body functions properly. From rebuilding our skin while we sleep, working on removing toxins, improving internal functions, Sleep does a lot of activities that build up a strong immune system. 

Our Immune System producEs “Cytokines” when we sleep. These Cytokines actually work on resisting infections or inflammation and are very crucial for stress as well. Sleep promotes the production of these Cytokines and if your body gets deprived of that sleep, bad things happen. Production falls down drastically, which leads to stress, and that leaves our Immune System vulnerable to all sorts of harm. 

So, it’s extremely important that we take Sleep seriously, and give our body at least 7-8 Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep so it can have ample time to regroup and get ready for the next round of pounding that the body is bound to undergo the next day! 

4. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

POV Water looking at a Human Being

60% of our body is composed of water. All the essential nutrients flow in the form of water in our body. Our bloodstream is water-based. What does that tell you about Water? It’s downright the MOST important thing our body needs to basically do anything! 

So, make sure to drink lots of it. Actually, PLENTY of it! Because all the proteins and vitamins and amino acids will eventually get converted to Water and will flow in your Bloodstream to all the different organs in your body. If your body lacks water, these nutrients won’t be transported to all the major organs that need them, and that will lead to your body lagging behind in performing functions at an optimal rate and leave you prone to all kinds of infections and diseases out there. Water also works on removing toxins from your body, is essential to the rebuilding of skin, helps you achieve that clear, glowing skin you’ve been aching for, and most importantly, carries Oxygen to all the parts in your body. 

As for the Daily Intake, The U.S. National Academies of Sciences sets the Daily Intake of Water to 3.7 Liters for Men and 2.7 Liters for Women

5. Get that Personal Hygiene Right

Person washing their Hands - Mélissa Jeanty

We all know the importance of Good Hygiene in our Life. A Proper Hygiene System basically sets the foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle. It keeps our body safe from all kinds of anti-bacteria, kills all the toxins and contaminants on our skin from the perils of daily life, and as we all know, Covid-19 also exists in the form of Bacteria, a good set-up Hygiene essentially makes sure our body is safe from this Bacteria and if God Forbid, the bacteria comes to rest in our body, it’ll be equipped with the right amount of resistance to get rid of that sucker! 

To improve your hygiene, make sure you’re taking a bath at least once every other day. Now, this is something very subjective as it relates to the kind of activity you’ve got going on in daily life. If you stay at home mostly with not many guests coming and going, you might not need to bathe every other day, but maybe, just twice a week, while if you’ve got a day-job where you have to leave your house almost daily, you will definitely need to bathe much more.

Along with this bathing routine, make sure you carry a Hand Sanitizer with you all the time so whenever you touch something in public, you can always pour in that sanitizer and kill whatever bacteria there is, right in its tracks. 

You should also make sure that you’re cleaning your Teeth “twice a day” while you should make it a habit of washing your hands every time you go to the Toilet. 

These are just some of the ways you can Boost your Hygiene, but surely enough to make sure your body isn’t vulnerable to any contaminants in the long run.

6. De-Stress

Illustration of Stress - Healthline

It’s safe to say we have all suffered this past year while some of us are still struggling to get over that frustration and anxiety that Covid-19 caused. Whether that’s the loss of a loved one, losing your job, or general stagnation in our growth due to the lockdown, we all have undergone “Stress” in our daily lives, in recent times. 

Stress is bad for our health. It increases the effects of ageing in our body, it puts our mind under mental torture to the point, where we get into depression and start question if we should even exist or not. In the long run, Stress can lead to Chronic issues like Heart disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and other, much serious illnesses that will plague us for the rest of our lives.

However, there is a multitude of options to get over this “Stress”. One of the most effective methods is Meditation. What that does is relaxes our brain, rids our brain of any negative thoughts, and allows us to reflect, for a moment, where our life might be heading. Once we get that realization, our Mind gets the clarity it needs to put our life back onto the right track. 

De-stressing doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s as simple as going out for a walk or talking to a friend. If you feel you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that’s going on around you and these methods aren’t working, it’s best to consult a “Licensed Professional” so they can prescribe some effective medicines to control your Stress before it goes beyond your control. 

These “Tips and Hacks” are not guaranteed to keep you safe from the effects of Coronavirus but will definitely help you set up a Defense Mechanism inside your body which means it’ll be prepared to resist those infections and diseases from entering your body. In the long run, you’ll be essentially nurturing your mind into having an Organized routine that will keep on reaping fruits for you over your lifetime, with an Energetic Body and Mind, Strong Immunity, and a Focused Mindset that will help you achieve all the goals in Life!