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Full Stack Audit | The 5 Star Hospitality Strategy | Glen Mhor

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Glen Mhor has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This is great as it provides many ways for customers to connect with the brand. Hotels can use Pinterest as a subtle but effective form of advertisement as it highlights the hotel offering alongside beautiful imagery. 

There is a lot of potential for the hotel to grow on their instagram. 


On Glen Mhor’s Instagram page they are not currently using highlights. This is a missed opportunity for promotion and giving a strong first impression to potential visitors. 


Here are some suggestions of highlight themes to add:


  1. A video tour of the hotel
  2. Restaurant, bar promotion and food photography of the best sellers. 
  3. A highlight featuring their weddings and conference facilities. Photos or videos of real weddings would be a huge boost.
  4. A landmark and things to do section of the local area. This will encourage tourism interest. You can even tag these places to increase cross-promotions. 


Extra tips:

  • Encourage user-generated content to increase credibility and exposure to new audiences. 
  • The hotel isn’t taking advantage of video content, IGTV or Reels. 


Here are the stats that back up this strategy:

  1. 85% of marketers report that video is an effective strategy to gain online attention.
  2. According to video viewers, they retain 95% of a message when a business provides it in video format. 


I also would suggest Integrating their branding into their promotional images. I assume they used Canva which is a useful tool to create graphic promotional advertisements. Currently, there is not a clear theme in terms of the colour pallets and fonts which relate to the brand. Using brand guidelines as a way to improve content will create more cohesion across the board so their customers can recognise them easily. Adding in their logo (Which looks great!) to these advertisements will also improve the overall branding. 


Glen Mhor Hotel currently have 1,295 followers on Instagram and 7,424 followers on Facebook. The strategies above will help increase growth and grow a loyal fanbase around the brand. 




SEO is an important process for increasing the number of people that Google and other search engines send to your site. These website improvement strategies are key to the long-term success of a business catering to global audiences. 


Did you know: The #1 search result on Google will get 31.7% of all clicks. 


The majority of the time consumers will click on the webpage which ranks first, because they believe the search engine ranks answers by priority of relevancy. Very few consumers will click on the second and third results. Even less will read the second page of Google. As you can imagine the competition in the hotel industry is fierce! 


At first look, Glen Mhor Hotel’s website has a number of issues – just under half of the website pages in total. 

These are technical SEO issues which will cause Google to prioritize other sites which have fully optimised and improved their website.


Glen Mhor’s website has a nice overall design which highlights their offerings along with fantastic photography. It is great to see that they have used guest testimonials on their landing page, which will help convert potential customers into paying customers. Another technique they have used is a virtual tour of the hotel. This comes across as extremely professional and provides a good customer experience overall. 


Here are some suggestions which would improve the overall website:


  1. One thing they could develop is their blog and SEO strategy surrounding that. 

Developing with a keyword strategy which targets potential customers, then releasing blog content around those topics will help gain higher exposure to potential customers. 


  1. No chatbot integration 


A chatbot is a form of modern technology that businesses can use to provide a number of services:


  • Event and offers promotions
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Reservations and bookings
  • List building
  • They can be multilingual, catering for international guests.

A little known fact: Chatbots can help businesses save up to 30% on their customer support costs. 

  1. No exit popup

Exit pop ups are proven to increase customer conversions by around 10%. Let’s say you were turning over £100,000 in online sales. This means you would be missing out on an extra £10,000 in sales if your business isn’t using an exit popup. 


  1. Adding a section with landmarks, activities, shopping and things to do in the area will help entice customers to want to visit the area. This will also let them know your hotel is in a prime position. 



It’s great to see that Glen Mhor has a newsletter sign up on their landing page. Upon signing up, I did not receive an email confirmation or welcome series. A welcome series can help nurture potential guests and build anticipation.


Email campaigns can provide a wealth of benefits such as:


  1.  targeting repeat guests.


  1. Campaigning and taking advantages of peak periods.


  1. Sending out campaigns with exclusive deals, time-sensitive offers and cross-market opportunities


Implementing these suggestions will increase revenue opportunities overall.


Currently, Glen Mhor are not using facebook ads.

One of the highest ROI marketing channels is Facebook. This is because it enables businesses to target the right people, segmenting audiences by demographics, location, prior interactions or proven behavior. 


Here are some things Glen Mhor can do:


  1. Launch an awareness campaign to prime and qualify their audience. 
  2. Select a custom audience from your email database or social media to create a relevant campaign which aligns with the hotel’s goals. 


Glen Mhor Plan of Action


Overall Glen Mhor has a prime position in the hotel industry serving the Scottish Highlands. They have developed an enticing offering for their customers with lots of options and vacation perks. They have a lot of potential to gain more traction, customer acquisition and sales provided they keep improving their marketing strategy with the suggested plan. 


  1. Develop the highlights portion of the Instagram account.
  2. Work on the brand identity to create recognisable graphic imagery. 
  3. Create video content for social media.
  4. Increase user generated content with call to action campaigns.
  5. Fix technical SEO Issues.
  6. Write more blog posts for keywords you would like to rank for.
  7. Integrate a chatbot function along with an exit popup.
  8. Add a “things to do \ landmarks” section to encourage tourism. 
  9. Create a welcome email series along with additional marketing campaigns.
  10. Implement Facebook ads to increase growth.